Watford Football Club: Safe, For 364 Days

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4 Responses

  1. hornet says:

    a very pro ‘russo’ piece.

  2. Resco says:

    Hornet – I thought it was very balanced and accurate.

    Another tough year ahead with a diminishing squad and smaller resources. Unless something drastic changes, I will be happy to avoid relegation.

  3. Mick says:

    As a Luton fan I’d hate to see the horns go bust but it does annoy me that they’ve managed to stay in the Championship whilst we dropped through the divisions like a stone when we got into money troubles. Mind you the FA & FL did give us a 30 points of ‘assistance’ along the way!

    Hopefully we can enjoy a season of struggle followed by relegation for the horns next season.

  4. Richard says:

    A mixture of facts and personal opinions with an anti-Taylor and pro-Russo Bros bias. Fact is they did well in reducing the clubs expenditure and maximising income from player sales, but weren’t exactly the white knights in shining armour …(ask them about their trip to South America at the club’s expense) and thought were the only game in town and could therefore acquire the club on the cheap – possibly from the administrator.

    Taylor is a man of integrity, with WFC in his blood and has stepped into the breach in difficult circumstances. The expenses are being brought under control and we should be operating close to break even next season. Hopefully we may find a new buyer with the means to buy the club and with it’s best interests at heart, if not the shenanigans may start again.

    Oh yes, Elton is holding a concert at the Vic this evening to raise funds for player purchases / loans. Next year will be difficult but we have a good young squad which with a few additions can finish in the top half of the Championship next season. Come On you Golden Boys!

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