Hicks The Huckster – Under The Skin Of The Liverpool Owner

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5 Responses

  1. Ed Singleton says:

    Thanks for the detailed insight. As a Liverpool fan who lives in the city, we get (as you say) only “soundbite” reporting of our troubles from the UK media. Never a detailed as this….

    This gives the LFC fan base a real insight into the terrible twins who currently own us, and the greatest reason why we fight to get rid of them through the likes of “Spirit Of Shankley” and “Share Liverpool” action groups… Wish us luck because after readig the above, it sounds as though we’re going to need it every ounce of it…

  2. dj says:

    this blood sucker might not have a choice if the banks force his hand, in which case the profit might not be as big as this slug thinks, potential buyers are not stupid and will not pay the price he wants. thats why they have been unable to sell so far. barcap would not get involved with these two individuals if there were not strict guidlines in place. so hicks and gillet have no choice but to sell, the longer they stay the more in debt lfc will be and less profit they will get. they have to go, and soon if they want to see any profit.

  3. Stunning indictment of this total charlatan. The sooner he is gone the better but I think we, Liverpool, will be suffering from the effects of he and his idiot shyster partner Gillette for many decades to come.

  4. mark says:

    These 2 men are blood sucking scum. They have no interest in football at all and never had any kind of motive other than to bleed our club dry. I hope they suffer from a terrible bout of the sh!ts that last as long as they own the club because thats what they are sh!ts. Why o why did the mooores sell to these 2 vampires. Did the last owners not look into how these blood suckers woulD buy the club, did not investigate who these 2 leaches were and their own personal fortune. Did they not see that these 2 shamless free loaders could not buy half a football club with there own money and had no intension of using any of there money. Talk about being shafted. They even under sold the club. I’m sure that they lose sleep over this as I know they were true fans fans but boy did they screw up big time. These 2 men should be banned from owning any sports franchise, not even a local sunday league club. YANKS OUT AND DON’T COME BACK YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ANY MORE SELL UP AND GO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  5. Rob says:

    Long for the day when these two parasitic scumbags are laid to rest. Total ruination our our once great club. The silence from Moores and Parry is deathly.

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