World Cup Preview: Group E

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  1. Holland aren’t being much talked about but I think they will be in the frame: Sneijder’s brilliant season will give hum confidence and, if the defence isn’t so good, those European Championship performances were very bright. A pivital player in that campaign was Engelaar, one of the revelations of the tournament, but he appears to be out of form since – and of course van Nistelrooy is missing.

    I’d like to see the Danes do well and they have shown great loyalty to Olsen. I was really impressed with Kahlenberg when Denmark thumped England a few years back but am not sure they should be continuing with the likes of Gronkjaer and Rommedahl – both has beens, surely? Who next? Stig Tofting?

  2. Tim Vickerman says:

    People seem to have forgotten how good the Dutch were at Euro 2008 but their brittle defence was ruthlessly exploited by Russia in that fantastic quarter final.

    Living in Japan, I’d love to see the Samurai Blue go through but I can’t help but see them as the weakest team in the group. They lack competitive games against the big sides and, though technically gifted, won’t be able to hold off such physically strong sides as the other 3 in their group. South Korea are still quite a bit ahead of Japan on the big stage.

  1. May 19, 2010

    […] rounds out the rest of the backline: In defence, OB right-back Lars Jacobsen played all but one of the qualifying games.  He’ll likely be joined by Daniel Agger of Liverpool and Per Koldrup of Fiorentina, both centre-backs.  21-year old Simon Kjaer of Palermo has also broken into contention in recent seasons.  William Kvist of FC Kobenhavn may also feature, but as a true utility player, he may also feature in midfield or attack. […]

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