On How The BBC Got It So Wrong


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5 Responses

  1. Gervillian Swike says:

    I’ve left comments before, but for the first time I have to reveal that I’m from Swansea, I’m a Swansea City fan, and that the frustration I feel that we’ve missed out on the only decent draw we’ve had in two decades is immense.

    BUT! Your comments are spot on. Havant deserved their victory for the way they went about us last night, and the game was an absolute cracker that anyone with an interest in football would have wanted to see. I was lucky (well probably) enough to get highlights on BBC Wales at 11:20, and it was a cracker. In other words, BBC TV did have a camera and commentary team there, and to hear the usual faces lament about the problems with the disappearing magic of the cup when a corporation that relies upon such magic cannot see its role in promoting it, even out of self-interest if nothing else, is laughable. Never mind, when Chelsea and Man United play out another dreary 1-0aet final in May, it’ll all be worthwhile. BBC should take note – as ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  2. sp3ktor says:

    The BBC’s coverage has been nose-diving for years – their numerous sins culminating in – “Your shout ahhh”.

    BBC want to be better than sky but have no idea how to go about it.

    Sky are just appalingly politically motivated. I watched Andy Gray spout off a couple of weeks ago when two goal-line dispute were called correctly by the linesmen: he said that it was just lucky they spotted them both and that this example should strengthen the argument for video replays. I shit you not.

    Interestingly for one of the goals both sky and the BBC used computer models to prove whether the ball had crossed the line – and came up with different results (it was in the reading v sunderland game)

    And yes – I do like The Blurs

  3. Sniffer 72 says:

    I couldn’t agree more, I was apalled when I realised the BBC’s choice. Lineker summed it up at the end of the game after they had shown a clip of the team and fans celebrating at H & W. He said “it looks exciting down there. And we had Man City v West Ham” Rueful look into the camera. Oh dear.

  4. Duffman says:

    Yep. A craven piece of scheduling from the Beeb Even if they didn’t have the courage to show a live game at a non-league ground during prime-time on BBC1, there would have been continuity by showing the Newcastle replay since they showed the first match. The fact that Keegan turned up only doubled the BBC’s shame.

    In this respect it is a good thing that they are losing the FA Cup. Not that I expect ITV to be any better. In fact…

  5. ally p says:

    I too switched to Radio Wales. I live in Cardiff, and it was disappointing that BBC Wales TV didn’t cover it. It was always going to be a blood and thunder cup tie.

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