World Cup Preview: Group D

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5 Responses

  1. It’s a tougher group than it looks, I think. Germany should top it, but Ghana, Serbia and Australia could all cause upset.

  2. swv says:

    Sorry but I couldnt resist a quick bout of nitpicking on your preview of the German squad…Trochowski is not a defensive minded player, hes more of a lightweight wide player. The foundation of the German midfield will be provided by Ballack and Schweinsteiger, who has been reinvented lately with some success by Bayern as a defensive midfielder.

    Watch out for two upcoming attacking midfielders in Mehmut Ozil, who will be all to familiar to anyone who saw Germanys U21s bosh Englands last summer, and Toni Kroos, who hasnt garnered the same media attention abroad yet but could prove to be even more talented.

  3. admin says:

    You are quite correct, I was getting him confused with Tim Borowski. Borowski is not in the squad this time, although I’m sure with Schweinsteiger and Ballack he won’t be too badly missed…

  4. swv says:

    I’m not so sure mate. We’ve gone without Hitzlsperger and Frings too, which means an injury to either of Ballack and Schweinsteiger and we’re looking short of cover in central midfield, especially experienced cover.

    To be honest I think this tournament may come a little too soon for Germany. By which I mean this is the youngest squad we’ve taken to a tournament in years, which in some ways is a good thing, as the new crop by and large are a good deal more talented than those that have preceded them in the last decade or so.

    However what made Germany continue to prosper despite that thin patch in term of footballing ability was this famous winning mentality, which is has to be said is probably no myth. You have to wonder whether it is as deeply ingrained in these younger set of players, whether they have that same iron will and belief in their capabilities. If not that, combined with their callowness, might just lead to a disappointing World Cup. But hopefully that would serve as a learning experience, a prelude to greater glories in the future.

  5. I don’t think Germany have had a truly convincing striker for a while now although Podolski shows spirit and Klose’s goals often defy those who would mark him with limited ability. I have been impressed with Müller having seen him in television in the Champions League although he seems to play in the hole just behind Ivica Olic for Bayern.

    The Germans played really well in 2006 but I find it hard to decide if their campaign can be considered a success or not. Given that they didn’t have the most talented squad in the competition, a semi final appearance does them credit, but given the history of the game in the country, anything short of winning it might also be considered a failure, especially given they were at home.

    I agree that Australia will be less strong this time and although Serbia qualified in style, they did so last time out as well (albeit under the guise of Serbia-Montenegro). As for Ghana, I thought Asamoah Gyan was superb in the last World Cup – he looked good enough to land a club spot with a Champions League club but it never really happened.

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