Are Birmingham Running Before They Can Walk?

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9 Responses

  1. Billy Jones says:

    This article has a lack of attention to detail and is clearly written by someone with an agenda.

    If the previous owners of Birmingham City have nothing to hide why did they offer £500k which was turned down ?

  2. Poppa999 says:

    Are there any site rules?

    The only thing that we ask is that you keep the comments decent and that you disagree with us (which you are more than welcome to do), you keep your criticism constructive. All messages from people that haven’t posted messages on here before are moderated before being approved. Abusive messages will be deleted without appearing on the site and this extract from the site FAQ will appear in place of them, so you may as well not bother.

  3. Adam says:

    What sensationalist and agenda based drivel.

    Just because a “journalist” doesnt know much about Carson Yeung, or his fortune, or his company…they’re instantly labelled as useless, and lacking in the money department…what next, the over the top “Birmingham will end up like Portsmouth” thing?

    As for the whole Yao Ming thing…Blues will be looking to China, and opening up a Chinese soccer school, whats wrong with that? OK, they may not be the footballing elite, but the occassional good player does spring up from Asia… not always China, but the likes of Korea (Park Ji-Sung in particular), Japan (Hidetoshi Nakata a few years back was one of the best midfielders in the game)…whats to say the next big Asian player will be a Chinese International? And whats to say that our link to that market means he will be a Birmingham player?

    I seriously hope that this “small club” as many journalists and media outlets always think of us as, finally does something to make EVERYONE sit up and take notice, and to acknowledge us as a decent football club, as opposed to just another club that makes up the numbers.

    In future, I suggest if you dont want to pay attention to detail, and want to write an article without a full knowledge of what it is your writing about, then perhaps dont bother at all?

  4. admin says:

    Billy and Adam: Out of interest, what do you think Mark’s “agenda” is? Actually, I’ll clarify that question: do you think Mark has an “agenda” against “small” clubs or, more generally, do you think that this site has an “agenda” against “small” clubs?

  5. James Hammond says:

    What the hell? Birmingham are a ‘small club’….er yeah okay NOT!! What a ridiculous statement to come out with Birmingham are not even the biggest club in their own city? I think you’ll find they are by some considerable distance. Aston Villa have had more success but Birmingham’s fan base is far superior than theirs. A local journalist stated that the majority of football supporters in the city are Birmingham fans with their demographic being ABC1 suggesting that the majority of the support is youngsters which says a lot really. As for what is this guys agenda? They were insinuating that he was a Villa supporter 0.o.

  6. Sean says:

    this is ridiculous, i cannot believe this guy is payed..

  7. Paul says:

    And there is unease in the Blue part of Birmingham at rather more than that.

    Not amongst the Blues fans I know and talk to, all of whom are positive.

    “Hong Kong businessman”

    Why the unnecessary punctuation? You tell us what he is if not a businessman instead of cheap pointscoring.

    and the current haziness over their summer transfer budget – currently estimated at £10m plus a hat with a rabbit in it.

    Yeung has acknowledged he blundered in telling the press how much he wanted to spend in the last transfer window. Do you think he should make the same mistake twice?

    I could go on (like the author goes on and on) but what really is the point? He has made his mind up and like other posters states, has an agenda for his own reasons. Not a well thought out article.

  8. Mark K says:

    Oh well, another Birmingham Bashing “journalist” and now they have the Hong Kong element to have a go at too, it must be a Birmingham Basher’s dream.

  9. Steve says:

    There’s plenty of reasons to be sceptical about Yeung and his team, the initial failed takeover bid, the post acquisition due diligence as you mention. But it’s worth noting that Yeung’s plans to develop the fanbase in China is a credible mechanism to increase the income of the club, an therefore a sound basis for funding improvements.

    That is a quite different idea to the usual scenario where hugh sums are spent buying big name players on the hope that the future income from the champions league will pay their wages.

    Yeung has some interesting ideas which are a bit different. I think most of the blue half of Birmingham are interested to see how this all pans out and for now he has their support.

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