Andrew Andronikou: Football Club Saviour

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8 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Who would have thought that administrators could be greedy too?…

  2. ejh says:

    Lee Manning of Kroll Buchler Phillips)

    Talking of business rules, can anybody tell me how Buchler Phillips ever got another administration job after their very-publicly-criticised performance as Receivers to the Maxwell empire, including Oxford United? As I recollect, the subsequent House of Commons Report noted that the amount they’d managed to recover for creditors barely stretched beyond the sum they were charging or their services.

  3. Alan J says:

    Nice summation of AA’s antics at Swindon, even though there was an alleged link between our ‘General Manager’ at the time whose name was Mike Diamandis, and AA ,as there was speculation that AA was appointed to a number of Mikey D’s businesses which had gone into admin, then brought back in a ‘pre-pack administration’ for a song, as well as writing off most of the debt.

    In fact, AA was appointed as administrator whilst trying to save the Sportsman newspaper, and he brought in Bob Holt, who was nicknamed Baghdad Bob as in the Iraqi Information Officer by Swindon fans, to help in trying to save the business,which he failed to do.

    I think you can safely say that if AA was never seen around Swindon again, I don’t think the supporters would be too unhappy.

  4. Alan J says:

    Apparently, after 8 long years, our CVA has officially been signed off at Swindon by AA, despite the final payment being paid nearly 2 years ago.

    Good riddance !!!

  5. Batch says:

    Signing off a CVA is a lot like buying a house….

    (sorry – Swindon in joke)

  6. Hieroglyph says:

    you poor bastards having Mike Diamandis involved with your club. He got involved with a small company I worked for too back in late 80’s and subsequently shafted all concerned (and their women!). His main love was other people’s money (he had made some but only got others to put their money into his schemes) diet pills and coffee and other people’s women…

  7. Sunny Boy says:

    Mike Diamandis cheated me in the early 80’s, he bought my company from the receivers asked me to work for him in return for 15%, I got the business up and running only to be squeezed out by him after all the hard work had been done to make way for new equity investors…no doubt they also got shafted eventually!

  1. October 29, 2012

    […] little time for Supporters Trusts in general and fans who question his actions in particular (as Swindon Town’s Trust can verify). He said he had read Hall’s blogs. His opinion? ‘You’re just trying […]

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