Portsmouth’s Pain In The Neck

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6 Responses

  1. Mick says:

    Getting hugely hacked off with the “won’t someone think of the fans” defence which is all you ever hear. Are these the same fans who have had 2 FA Cup Finals and a European campaign in the last three seasons whilst the debts were racked up?

    Yep, really sorry for them. Man up and take your medicine.

  2. Stoney says:

    Yay Mick, its about time somebody said it.
    Every day we get whining Pompy fans (I live in Bournemouth – and support Poole so no real vested interest) whittering on about how they are loyal and diserve so much better.

    Not true though it is. Pompy have only ever gated approx 50,000 in an all standing stadium, Everton; Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Forest etc all gated in the 80,000 week in week out. Since the all seating rule Pomly have gated as low as 5-10,000 for leage games (albeit lower league) and merchandising revenues are pap.

    Facts are that Pompy are a small Championship to large Lg 1 team – they spent money they didn’t have to take all their fans on a 5 year magical mistery tour of the Prem and now they are going to go back were they historically (given revenues, fan numbers and results) always should have been.

    Think of the fans – given £120,000,000 I’m fairly sure Poole or even the mighty Cherrys, lol, could surive the Prem for a couple of years. I’d love to follow them to Europa League glory – not going to happen though is it.

    You lived the dream, now it’s time to wake up. And if you attend the matches, buy the replia shirts and eat the pies Pompy will earn enough to come back. If you don’t (and you never have yet…) you’ll stay were you belong.

  3. Martin says:


    Pompey’s ridiculous “debts” have nothing to do with football…

  4. Gaz says:

    Great article, Mark. It’s refreshing to at least see some people are trying to get the truth published about what is really going on at Pompey. Now if only the nationals and broadsheets would run with it.

    Shame that your article doesn’t appear to have been read (or understood) by Mick and Stoney though. Perhaps you could include comic-strip illustrations next time…

  5. Steve says:

    Good article and about time someone started to ask the obvious questions about Andronikou and the magically increasing debt figure.

    For the guys complaining about Pompey fans, stop reading the tabloids and listening to Talk Sport and start thinking things through. Pompey didn’t “overspend”. Gaydamak was paying the fees and salaries and our problems occurred when he stopped funding the club. No different from Chelsea or Man City if their owners pulled the plug. No-one seems to mention them “spending money they haven’t got” but the situation is exactly the same.

    The fact is that almost 50% of Pompey “debts” are to previous owners, none of whom have actually put a penny of their own money into the club but are now holding their hands out hoping to bury their snouts in thr trough.

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