Adrian Chiles Departs The BBC


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7 Responses

  1. Matt Boothman says:

    If Chiles is to be an ITV success they’ll have to change the pundits too – none of ITV’s have any kind of natural humour to play around with Chiles; I can almost hear the awkward silences as Chiles’s witticisms fall on Townsend and Earle’s deaf ears.

  2. Michael Wood says:

    You know Chiles, Lynam, Townsend, Dixon. They all sound the same when you press the mute button because you don’t need someone to tell you what has just happened in a football match you have just watched on TV any more than you would appreciate it if one of these people rocked up next to you at the ground and started telling you what to think of the match.

    TV’s coverage of football is badly in need of a new direction.

  3. Chiles is likeable (despite his anchoring of the execrable One Show)and is the main reason why MOTD has been such a success but going to ITV is a mistake. The adverts mean that presenters are always in a rush and even the best have struggled before – Des Lynam being the prime example. I think either channel could do a lot worse than recruit Pat Nevin from Channel 5 and, talking of suitable replacements for Chiles, the same network’s Colin Murray would appear to be a natural choice.

  4. James says:

    It’s a real shame he’s going. He was by far the best of the BBC football anchors.

    If only they would get rid of Gary Lineker. I can’t stand that smug git.

    A lot of people seem to hate Manish Bhasin, but I think hatred is just far too strong an emotion to be applied to him. There’s nothing striking enough about him to hate. He’s the epitome of bland. That’s like hating mild cheddar, or magnolia paint.

  5. Agree on Manish – not dislikeable, but just not that interesting. I’m relieved that Colin Murray has now got the MOTD job. One name that was mentioned was Tim Lovejoy’s. I actually think I would stop watching the programme if he were on it. Another up and coming presenter who I am starting to find annoying is Mark Chapman – the new Matthew Lorenzo if ever there was one.

  6. Mick says:

    I wanted Danny Dyer.

  7. Andrew says:

    Murray is smug. Can’t stand him. Make Danny Baker do it, and don’t show any football, just have Baker talking for an hour.

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