Few Tears For John Batchelor


Ian began writing Twohundredpercent in May 2006. He lives in Brighton. He has also written for, amongst others, Pitch Invasion, FC Business Magazine, The Score, When Saturday Comes, Stand Against Modern Football and The Football Supporter. Ian was the first winner of the Socrates Award For Not Being Dead Yet at the 2010 NOPA awards for football bloggers.

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26 Responses

  1. Gervillian Swike says:

    Excellent article. Would have been tempting to say terrible things about the man on a personal level given his record, or conversely to soften his practices in the light of his early death. I think this hits an excellent balance. It’s a shame a man dies in these circumstances, but his appalling business practices and contempt for the communities he tried to wreck and creditors he shafted should not be glossed over.

  2. Micky F says:

    Cheerio John, keep a spot in hell free for Stephen Vaughan, Bill Tomlins & John Gurney!

  3. CTT says:

    I am never one for finding nice words to say about people like this. How you act in life determines the respect you get in death and this man was a cancer on football (and business in general).

    Hope your death was as painful as it was for all those employees told they no longer had a job because of your rapaciousness.

  4. Jim Waterson says:

    There was no statement from YCFC. No comment from the directors. Not even the hint of an announcement over the PA.

    Batchelor thrived on confrontation, loved to play the villain and now he’s gone. He never showed remorse.

  5. fwis says:

    Good f***ing riddance.

  6. Have to say that I feel no sympathy for the man but wanted to comment on the high quality of the article. Nice work.

  7. Sam says:

    While he clearly made mistakes in life those of you posting should have some consideration for his family less than a fortnight after his death!

    Micky F-go fuck yourself.

    Fwis, you twat.

    Big love to anyone with a shred of compassion or decency.

    Sam Batchelor (1 of 4 children)!


  8. Sam says:

    Also, as his son i have an interest. He’d love the fact that you lot who never met him care enough to post on this article! He’s literally laughing his ass off above or below.

  9. Jim O says:

    Well said Sam! John was a great bloke to know, with a fantastic and infectious sense of humour. I suspect he had as many enemies as he had friends, though I dont think he was ever that bothered about either.
    I’ll always remember your Dad, Sam (iworked with him for a number of years), for his sheer presense, his warmth and his generosity. He had a fantastic spirit and i’m very saddened to hear of his passing. I’ll always be glad that i knew him.

  10. Sam says:

    Thank You, that is good to know.

  11. David says:

    R.I.P John,

    It’s too easy to come on here and slag off the dead, when he can’t defend himself, Mr Batchelor may not have been a football fans no.1 personality, but the fact he is survived by his children and it ain’t nice for them to see the comments made about him on here

    To Sam, your father was never going to top many popularity contests, that is pretty well known, he had some mad ideas, he was never one of my favourite people to be very honest with you, the whole York Soccer Club and Harchester United thing and all that.

    My thoughts are with you and your family Sam, it is awful to lose a loved one.

    All the best


  12. Slade says:

    Nice to see the son has his father’s genes … Batchelor was scum … and Sam ..I hope someone fucks you like he did my father ..

  13. lutonsteve8926 says:

    Well sam, if your old man made a living out of fucking up companies then don’t be too surprised that some people are glad the old alcky is 6 foot under. You’ve probably got enough of his ill gotten gains to not warrant any sympathy. My sympathies go out to the unpaid creditors and the little people whose lives he made worse. Good riddance.

  14. Jeff says:

    Good do see your as pathetic as your old man Sam.

  15. kev says:

    As a york fan i was very pleasd to hear the recent news! It’s shame he couldn’t have croaked ten years back, before he damaged our club.

    Sam, though i do have sympathy for you for your loss, you’ll not hear many words of condolence from york city fans, the man was rated so low.

    quote-“It’s too easy to come on here and slag off the dead, when he can’t defend himself, Mr Batchelor may not have been a football fans no.1 personality, but the fact he is survived by his children and it ain’t nice for them to see the comments made about him on here”

    Hey ho, can’t keep everyone happy! You wouldn’t have enjoyed the shippo s tributes t the cunt then !

  16. A Realist says:

    Sam whilst it is always terrible to lose family surely you have some understanding of the misery your Father caused. He wrecked peoples lives, people with families of their own and all to line his own pocket and perhaps keep up appearances with flashy cars and the like.

    For what he did to York City he will never be forgiven and maybe you should be ‘happy’ that he left this mortal coil in a controlled setting and not at the hands of City fans who wished him dead many times over.

    Go and grieve but please don’t expect one iota of sympathy from people other than those in his twisted gene pool.

  17. AD says:

    Sam – I met him so I can comment about the weasel that was John Batchelor and although I feel sympathy for you and your family I have no sympathy for the man who stole at least £300,000 from York City – and remember you and the rest of your family lived on the fruits of that theft- a new house.

    Unfortunately you will never understand how much your father was hated by many people whose lives he touched and whose money he stole and whose jobs he discarded, but at least he looked after his own family with the proceeds of his thefts!

  18. "Glad All Over!" says:

    Got to say, as a YCFC fan the demise of this scumbag was the best news in years!
    The ‘man’ came very close to killing something I love & for that reason alone I have no sympathy for him or his family! No doubt the same family that did ‘rather well’ out of this thieves wrong-doings!
    As far as I am concerned the tosser didn’t die soon enough & I hope he suffered a long, slow painful demise (though no doubt the alcy didn’t feel a thing), he’s first of the robbing bastards to go – here’s hoping Craig & Swallow aren’t too long before they join him in hell!

  19. Sam says:

    To those of you who assume we have any inheritance, i have yet to see it. And i know there is none coming so stop spinning that line.

    I was no part of my fathers business dealings. Nor were my two brothers or younger sister.

    You have vindicated my dads hatred of football fans. You are scum.

  20. Sam says:

    And ‘jeff’, it’s spelt you’re, not your you thick fuck.

  21. Sam says:

    ‘Glad all over’. How any moron can compare a football team to a human life is beyond me. It’s a fucking game. You have my sympathy for the lack of anything of true meaning in your life. I’m not asking for sympathy for the man himself but i have never done you lot any wrong. 2 wrongs=right?????

    It worries me that people like you are franchised and allowed to vote next week.

  22. Richard says:

    I knew John Batchelor for many years and came to me as a sales rep. In those says John would be of great help and it is very sad indeed to see what happened. many people have been taken for a lot of money, myself included. I was taken for £300k a few years ago by two blokes who still do it for a living but we have to move on and fight back. It is a sad testimony to the way John turned out but as people said before me on this site we have to consider the feelings of his family. They may have gained through his shady deals but i suspect they knew lttle of his activities. They are still in mourning so let them grieve and stop this awful shit that is being placed on here. R.I.P. John for all your failings and my condolences to the batchelor family

  23. FatJack says:

    I came across John b&q on the touring car circuit. Good on Sam. Whatever J.B did he does’t deserve to receive all those nasty horrible comments after his death, especially over a stupid Football club,I can’t believe people can be so vindictive over a pathetic football game/club

  24. DS says:

    I only found out about this recently and have to say it’s the best news I’ve had in a long time. The man was a disgrace to the human race and a waste of oxygen. He came into our company and within months stripped it of its assets and employee morale. I remember when both myself and my dad were made redundant and had no money I thought I hope he dies a painful death and rots in hell – looks like I got my wish! And now as I look back knowing I am making a lot of money (in a decent and legal manner) I can laugh at the fact he was so pathetic to have to conduct business in such a way, just an all round loser!

  25. michael carraerra says:

    this man was a menace, myself and my family were dragged into his scheme,s not long before his well deserved death, he lied and cheated money from my father knowing full well he was dying and we all lost our homes and everything we had all worked for, im sorry he was ever allowed to live! and create a family that obviously were very clouded by this evil person.

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