Gillett & Hicks: Overpaid, Over-leveraged And… Over

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3 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Both these two latest and most famous over-leveraged buy-outs still needed willing sellers.

    The greed of the Moores and Edwards families should take its fair share of the blame for all this nonsense.

  2. ejh says:

    Fantastic, I’ve read the word “timeous” for the first time since I worked in the DSS.

    I left in 1993.

  3. NottyImp says:

    I always thought it was “timely”, but there you go.

    Whilst we’re on the subject of words “disinterested” means having no bias or vested interest. “Uninterested” means having no interest in something. Thus a trial judge is expected to be disinterested, and I am becoming increasingly uninterested in my own pedantic post!

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