Gareth Southgate – What An Arsehole


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9 Responses

  1. matsimpsk says:

    Actually, the whole Mayday for Nurses thing made my skin crawl and always seemed to be more about Noreena Hertz’ ego than raising cash for nurses.

    I’m not even sure *why* the charity exists. What sets nurses apart from refuse collectors, traffic wardens, librarians or other lowly paid public servants. Why no campaigns for them? And what is the link with football?

  2. Shame on them says:

    Shame on them all.Its enough to make you want to march…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with matssimpsk. What puts Nurses in priority over other poorly paid professions. The government should pay to support this sort of thing. I am all for charities, and agree that PShip stars are great canditates to support charity…but ‘real ones’ like cancer research, the aged even flipping charities abroad…not a bunch of nurses who feel they are hard done by (in a manner moreso than other professions). Southgate is a muppet however for blocking this…it is up to the individuals in my opinion.

  4. 200percent says:

    I happen to agree in that I think that nurses are perhaps not the most deserving charity cases in the world. That, however, was not the point that I was trying to make and if Southgate had said, “hang on – the average nurse’s wage in £25k a year, and I think that there are worthier causes that my players could give to”, then fair enough. Personally, I wouldn’t donate to it because £25k a year is more than I earn, and I don’t recall seeing a hardship charity for me advertising anywhere.

    Which charity it was for, though, isn’t really the issue, and neither is that of what connection there is between footballers and charity isn’t, either. The game was quite happy to lap up the few days of good publicity over this in the summer and, if they said they should pay it, then they should pay it. Otherwise, they should have objected at the time. Southgate should focus on getting that Pro-Licence badge.

  5. DoLpHiNaToR says:

    In Southgate’s defense (sort of?) I do believe he actually paid the money he pledged himself.

    But why should footballers be bailing out the NHS? This is a political issue, not a footballing issue.

    I do agree it would be better to shame those who pledged and didn’t pay though.

  6. CTT says:

    Hah – I like how Man City’s contributions (with the exceptions of Micah Richards – who is their most high-profile player – and Nicky Weaver – who just wants to remind folks he’s still alive) are from 3 violent thugs and a useless striker.

    Maybe Messrs Dunne, Barton and Ball want to give something back to the people who’ve treated the unfortunate players who were on the receiving end of one of their agricultural challenges.

  7. Anonymous says:

    whether nurses deserve it or not is irrelevant to me, maybe it made one or two of the overpaid brats think about their position and what they deserve…
    they bought themselves some nice PR and now they don’t want to pay the bill

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with this article.

    As you rightly point out, Noreena Hertz has never published the names of the players who did not contribute.

    She only published the names of those who did pledge support – with their permission.

    This would of course not have been the first time that people in the public eye had pledged support for a charity!

    If Southgate had stopped to think, he may have realised that the recent stories in The Sun were a classic tabloid story – and certainly did not originate from Dr Hertz.

    You would think someone working in football would know how the tabloids work and he might have had the courtesy to contact Noreena to check before mouthing off.

    By the way, I know that Noreena met Southgate, had lunch with him, and explained the way the campaign would work. He was very enthusiastic and promised to try and persuade his players to take part. Not a single Middlesborough player did. I wonder whether his angry reaction is based around embarassment on this.

    His team did not support him – and he was stupid enough to think through how the tabloids work.

  9. Gavin Evans says:

    Four years on and Southgate is in TV ascendency whilst Middlesbrough and the nurses languish- prophetic!

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