Stockport County – No-one Is Innocent

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  1. Bob Jeffries says:

    A clear, concise and honest review of what is typical of the football world today. Fot those who had simply forgotten what has happened this summary puts you in the picture. Was a little worried about the ‘ever helpful Kennedy’ comments, it took them as sarcastic bearing mind his past!
    Kennedy has alot to prove, he is not a man of his word and his quick staff turn over during the past 6 years alone prooves that. He stated he wanted to buy Hibs a while back, Brian what stopped you, you could but out upteen football clubs!
    I still and probably never will as with 95%of County fans trust him or his long serving spokesman come puppet!
    Good luck 2015, and stay away others who are in their own little world for their own means, only they know who they are, if they can admit it one day!
    Well done Mark!

  2. Dave says:

    One can wonder why the Football League had absolutely nothing to say about a football club losing control of a football ground to a rugby club. Everything springs from that decision. Well, that and the fact that Ellwood ran the club with operating losses which he covered as debts, but wanted his money back.

  3. Bob Jeffries says:

    “Well, that and the fact that Ellwood ran the club with operating losses which he covered as debts, but wanted his money back.”

    Elwood bank rolled us! Yes, did it give us success? ‘yes’. With success it bred success for the relevant managers for whom Elwood believed in with purchases one could only have dreamed of when he took over (when we nearly went under).
    Danny bought some quality and had success.
    Jones did the same.
    Even Megson got us to our highest ever position.
    Kilner started off ‘on fire!’ but it went horribly wrong but Elwood still supported him with the likes of Kuqi, Wiss etc.
    Palmer was supported at the time with signings like Jones, Hardiker,Goodwin and of course Beckett! With Palmer is wasn’t going to work (especially when Murphy left)and it wasn’t meant to be.
    With all these playing in the Championship as it were, the wages were also high but bottom line is
    A) We didn’t owe the Bank or have any loans!!!!
    B) We played above the belt an enjoyed every minute of his realm.
    C) Good Managers and good players came and went along with the managers in some cases (Jones and Todd).
    D) He developed the stadium to an all seater with a nice big stand, scoreboard and conferences facilities to be proud of.
    E) Good or bad appointment he supported them and believed in them.
    F) Why give it away to a guy whose worth 232million at the time, when he could get back 3million for a club which had many assets let alone the stadium itself!!!
    G) He even believed Kennedy and Kennedy beleived the price was right, hence he agreed to pay back as and when, even with his wealth!

    Kennedy decided to sell any assets he wanted to try and pay off Elwood, remember Kennedy was there for the rugby NOT football, so why give it to him, why not sell what we can now.

    We all forget what this guy (Elwood) did, it’s not his fault. The likes of Norman Beverley was quote ‘actively seeking a new owner!’ He and those who turn their backs on him didn’t know how lucky we were!!
    This had nothing to do with Elwood, The Trust including Marion and all his cronies who thought they knew it all with their banner (which makes my skin crawl) saying ‘now let’s do it!’ signed the club death warrant. They were advised NOT to sign it as Kennedy was selling them down a river and passing HIS personal debt to Elwood to the Trust!!
    That’s the start of a continuous decline along with others involved during the passed 2/3 years!
    Summary: The problems started from Kennedy onwards! and that includes all the deluded who believed in the Trust and it’s representatives especially the ones who walked around the pitch with the banner that day! YUK! FULL STOP

  4. scarf says:

    Elwood bankrolled us? If ‘bankrolled’ means getting us in a shedload of debt, losing us the ground and selling the training ground from beneath us, then, yes, he bankrolled us. Short-term success for medium-term ruin. Under Elwood we consistently lost £1.5-2m a season – even in the promotion season we lost £1.2m, despite getting to the League Cup semis. Elwood took all that money back and more. He was the one who seperated club and ground. There are, of course, others to blame – CS only wanted us for the ground, whilst the Trust – for all its good intentions – simply lacked the capital and governance infrastructure to succeed. I don’t think the Trust had enough support amongst the fanbase, either – it was simply too politicised. But our downward spiral started under Elwood, and for me it’s a disgrace he’s still in the Hall of Fame.


  5. Martin says:

    I suspect no-one is innocent applies to the vast majority of the club’s fans too.

    Bob, what did you do to help BTW?

  6. Stuart Poynton says:

    Great article. Very eloquently and clearly explains our predicament. I’m going to email the link to my non-County supporting friends so they have an accurate account of the mess the Club’s being dragged through.

  7. Paul says:

    Martin you’re wrong to ask Bob what he did, Bob is a fan like the majority of us and we were all led to believe things were gong well, there wass no need for us to step up to the plate. Scarf suggests Kennedy didn’t split the club and ground but they were as one when he bought and now they are split, simples!

  8. Nick says:

    I wouldn’t deny the success Elwood brought but his perfectly legitimate exit was the catalyst of the downfall. Agreement or no agreement (and it was obviously not an agreement) we had lost the ground at that moment and as we’ve seen no amount of local big business brains can get double glazing Shark Kennedy to do anything other than what Kennedy wants. 2015 & Snape are fairing far worse than the fan owned Trust & Maguire. Twice in the past two years we’ve had idiots allowed to dictate our footballing policy without putting a penny into the club but I don’t blame Elwood, the Trust, Hoyle, Maguire or 2015 because it’s not their fault that Kennedy is Kennedy and we’ve no ground. Whoever comes in to run us next will be blighted by that fact unless they can get us a new stadium in cahoots with SMBC. It would be a bitter sweet day to leave EP.

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