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  1. Santiago says:

    really good post, do you know if Colombia already had designed a poster for the 86 World cup?, thanks.

  2. Dotmund says:

    Not that I can find. Colombia in fact resigned from their hosting role as early as 1982, it seems, having been appointed hosts for 1986 as far back as 1974 (host countries now are appointed roughly seven-and-a-half years ahead of time). Mexico were chosen as a replacement in mid-1983, which should have been plenty of time to get a more iconic poster… maybe they should have just used the 1970 one again with 70 crossed out and 86 written in?

  3. Max Nielsen says:

    Really enjoyable article. I used to know the older posters by heart from my 1986 Panini sticker album.

    I like the fact that the posters use a surprising number of different wordings of the tournaments name. At least in the English version. This might be caused by modifications to the tournaments name over the years. However, I’d like to think it’s more a reflection of an age where the precise English wording on the official poster wasn’t a matter of copyrighted trademarks or life and death.

    So, in 1934 it’s “World’s Cup”, while the 1962 uses “World Football Championship”. You might think the 1966 “World Cup” would settle the matter but in 1970 it’s “Football World Championship”.

    In typical efficient German manner it’s “FIFA World Cup” in 1974 and onwards (except the 1994 “World Cup), so the variance ends there with the least elegant version of them all. The FIFA prefix just isn’t right.

  4. ejh says:

    And a little sheet attached with the team changes.

  5. chocodriloo says:

    “I think the Mexico 86 committee should have consulted an artist.”

    Las fotografoas son de Annie Leibovitz. En cuanto al poster Mexico 70, Es un resabio del poster de la xix olimpiada mexico 68

  1. April 2, 2010

    […] World Cup Gallery “Having put a card reading ‘PRESS’ in the brim of his hat and given him some sandwiches, Dotmund will be producing some World Cup previews for this site on the next ten Fridays before the tournament kicks off in South Africa in 11 weeks time. You have been warned. Today, our resident ‘artist’ casts his ‘artistic’ eye over the official World Cup posters from down the years. You have, as I say, been warned.” (twohundredpercent) […]

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