The Premier League Ponders A Salary Cap

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9 Responses

  1. Oh, a sarcasm detector, that’s a REALLY useful invention…

  2. Mark Murphy says:

    What sarcasm?

  3. I read a lot of the article as sarcastic, at least in it’s tone regarding the comments made by Whelan etc.

    Apologies if I misread it…

  4. Chalfers says:

    Marck C, I think your sarcasm detector broke at about 2:00pm ;)

  5. Chalfers says:

    Mark C, I think your sarcasm detector broke at about 2:00pm ;)

  6. Rious says:

    A Salary Cap keeps everyone competitive and makes for a better league.

    The same teams winning the league year after year after year is what is “bland” and boring.

    The top teams want to keep it the way it is because they know that if FORCED to use their youth squads as the future, they would die quickly

  7. @Chalfers – Like I said, a really useful invention!

    In all seriousness, I think most people without vested interests would agree that a salary cap would benefit football in many ways.

    Unfortunately, nobody within a position of power in football is without vested interests.

  8. Brenton says:

    While the sarcasm was kind of amusing, it would be useful to actually discuss the issue. I’m not sure what the point of this piece was, other than to highlight how ridiculous some owners are. Well done.

  9. It’s a good idea of course and, as Rious says, if only we were back in the “bland” days when Blackpool won the league.

    But Fayed wasn’t for it when his Fulham side artificially manoeuvered themselves up through the divisions employing players that no other second or tier clubs could dream of affording, and nor was Whelan. Now they are the small fish in their pool, they
    want to restrict the competitive advantge of their betters. Even if the Premier League were to try and impose this, someone, somewhere will take it to court and argue that it will hurt competition.

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