Who Owns Your Club?

Who Owns Your Club?

By on Mar 27, 2010 in Finance, Latest | 1 comment

If there has been one fundamental sea change in the politics of football over the last twelve months, it has been that more and more people are finally asking the question of who owns their football club. Whereas ten or twenty years ago a football club was a nice, convenient place for someone to hide out and, if they wished to, keep a low profile, nowadays football club owners from the very top to the very bottom find themselves under intense scrutiny as people – rightly – start to look into the ownership of their clubs. Every football supporter, these days, has to be fully clued up on economics, insolvency law and business practice these days. Anyway, this video has turned up on YouTube, a somewhat satirical look at the businesses that are behind football in England. It is, as the makers say, a work in progress, so feel free to add to the comments and allow them to refine their list.

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  1. Hello Ian,
    Nice blog and interesting content!

    My take on this topic is very simple. Football clubs owners invest in a club because they do know that they will have their ROI (return on investment) sooner rather than later.

    They attract sponsors, can afford to pay high salaries. All of this has a knock on effect on TV right for example. The Premier League TV rights amounts to 1 Billion now. I am not saying that it’s all benefits, and Porstmouth situation is a crude example. But I think that if Manchester City wins the Champions League next year, the Citizen fan will care less that the club is owned by Sheik Mansour…

    Karl Lusbec

    April 2, 2010

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