Cardiff & Southend vs The High Court: Round Three

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3 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    This is unfair.

    It’s not like anyone had heard of this Peter Risdale bloke before he took Cardiff City to the brink of liquidation…

  2. David Howell says:

    So, if HMRC have even a modicum of courage, that’s two Football League clubs out of existence. Many more could follow, especially in the context of a belligerently cost-cutting Cameron administration. Anyone else note that, by total coincidence (I think…), Cardiff and Southend’s final hearing is on the presumptive Election Day?

    Anyone else wondering if there’ll be major reform of the Football League, including but not limited to the return of Division Three North/South, whatever they might be called this decade? The return of regionalised leagues could be sold as a ‘green’ measure, especially as there’s now an energy firm sponsoring the league as of next season…

  3. Martin says:

    I doubt that semi-national travel would make much difference to the total carbon foot-print of a lower league football club.

    Banning midweek games or moving to summer football (and thus remove the need for flood-lighting and heating etc.) would be far more effective if that were the goal.

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