The Beckham Fairytale Stalls Before “Happily Ever After”


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4 Responses

  1. Michael Wood says:

    “Injured Fringe Player Will Miss World Cup” does not make headlines?

    “Uninjured Fringe Player Decides To Miss World Cup” seemed to stir up enough interest and I feel very much that the two stories are yoked together.

    The fact that Beckham is the definitive celebrity football and has enough money to run a small country – yet is still in tears about missing the World Cup – runs as something of a counter point to Bridge’s ability to pass up the tournament because of his social awkwardness and the rather unsettling and misogynistic undertone that Bridge can tell his former partner who she can or cannot see following their splitting up.

    About Bridge someone said that for today’s footballer having the Car, Supermodel Wife and pay cheque is the new pinnacle of the game rather than playing at the top level. Beckham is a counter to that idea. The man who seems to have everything that every kid who ever kicked a ball against a wall wanted, cannot have the thing he wants.

    Wayne Bridge can have it, doesn’t want it.

    Faith in football is forever being shaken by the idea that it is “all about the money” these days. Beckham struggling to the floor, on a stretcher being carried away from the field and out of the World Cup, disproves that and in doing so restores that faith.

  2. Noshow says:

    Well said Michael Wood, well said.

  3. vinny says:

    Micahel Wood proves all the bollocks written about Beckham is not restricted to the tabloids.

    And Terry started shagging Bridge’s partner before they seperated.


  4. Michael Wood says:

    The attitude of people like Vinny I find scary and worrying. Veronica Percell is a person not an appendage of Wayne Bridge or John Terry’s and the ownership that people like Vinny assign of her to one of these two men suggests to me an attitude which I find misogynistic.

    If Veronica Percell was shagging every man in England then she would still not be the possession of Wayne Bridge and Bridge trying to exert pressure over her, over who she can see, over what she does with her life might read like an great bit of gossip that people like Vinny lap up perhaps mirroring their own attitude towards women but in reality the life of a woman who’s ex tries to maintain a control of their life is an abused life, an horrific life, and a life we should not accept in our society.

    Indulging Wayne Bridge and the culture that tries to allow him to retain the ownership of Percell is – to me – something we should avoid. Perhaps if Vinny wants to comment more than his highly intelligible “Dur” and his unverifiable assertion about the timing then he might enlighten us to how much control over Percell’s life Bridge should have?

    Should he accept that the relationship between he and his partner has broken down and that he is entitled to move on to anyone else she liked? Should he be upset because John Terry has not respected his territorial pissing? Should Percell ask Bridge before she sleeps with anyone else to get his permission? What if Bridge does not like the next guy Percell decides to go out with does he accept that she can do what she likes or does he look to make clear his opposition again with a public snub? What if he decides that is not enough what does he do then to let Percell know that he does not approve?

    When do we stop indulging the idea that Bridge owns Percell and that Terry has tried to steal her? Don’t we have a president for a sportsman who refuses to left his former partner move on and demands to control who she sees in the future?

    Wayne Bridge can shake the hand of whomever he wants but when he does it because someone is not respecting a pathetic masculine code of not respecting his ownership of his ex then he perpetuates a culture that breeds abuse of women.

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