Weymouth Are Back In Hot Water


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5 Responses

  1. David Howell says:

    It is sad to see my home town club fall apart in this way, but it simply has to. Ludicrous as it is for a 50,000-population town, the largest for over twenty miles and with no Premier League ground within a hundred-mile radius as of next season, to be unable to support a moderately significant football club, it has turned out that is the case.

    There’s a lot of clubs I would much sooner go to the wall than Weymouth though. Never mind the financial circumstances, the very fact that the stadium is privately-owned is the killer. As if that weren’t enough, the site has been eyed by Asda before – they planned a move out of their current store into a larger complex *next to* the stadium as far back as 2005 (http://archive.thisisdorset.net/2005/9/3/110823.html) and the availability of the stadium area itself would allow them to develop an even larger store with fewer planning issues. Public support would probably be forthcoming, too… the current Asda is too small for the area it serves.

    Of course, all of this means that Weymouth will be a town of 50,000 without a football club. A town preparing to host events at the Olympic Games, without a team in the country’s national sport. What a story that is.

  2. Rob Bernard says:

    I recall contributing to the appeal by supporters some time ago to help them buy the club. Instead they decided to stay “private”.

    More fool them, sad though this story is. Incidentally, what happened to the monies raised?

  3. mick says:

    Anyone else starting to get compassion fatigue??

  4. Jack says:

    The question is, Why did the Terras Trust not do more back in the early days of Curtis, when it was obvious to some that the club was being badly run. There were a few who raised their concerns but as usual it was follow the party line or you are a poor supporter.
    The continual in fighting on the internet and the lack of a leader to raise any kind of objection to Curtis has lead to this downfall. There are some of the core supporters at this club that really need to look at themselves and ask the question. Did I do enough? Let the dept build up, yes agree might as well. And for gods sake, organise a protest and don’t attend the next game!! TRUST DO SOMETHING!!! Somebody do something, but trotting along to the games to watch another thrashing is NOT the answer. At least make your feelings felt, I have never seen such a bunch of poorly organised supporters anywhere. No sympathy any longer, this club is dead.

  5. Nice to see some articles about my home town club too – pity they’re about such a crap issue! We’re doing OK this season, should stay up at least (so it seems so far…) but as my dad says, it’ll be 15 years until they can get anywhere near where they were when Claridge was here. Ah the glory days. Was it his reign that started the slippery slope though? I know they spent a lot of money on him and other players, and again when Gary Hill got us promoted – was that the beginning of the end? Did we do a Leeds? I don’t know enough about it to know whether this kick-started it or whether the financial problems began under another chairman’s managemet?

    Jude Ellery

    If you’re interested in writing articles for my site by the way, let me know! Cheers

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