Match Of The Week: Fulham 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur


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8 Responses

  1. King Yid says:

    To be honest, i think we are lucky to be taking you back to WHL. We played some good football at the back, but our only attacking option was to lump it up to Crouch.

    I can’t stand the way we play when Crouch is on the pitch (not neccesarily through any fault of Crouch’s). If Crouch had gone off instead of Pav, the final result might have been different, but I think overall Fulham fans should be disappointed not to have beaten us tonight.

    The real enigma of our play is whether the likes of Dawson are being instructed by Harry to hoof it, or they take it upon themselves. Either way, it doesn’t work, looks ugly and, even worse, is potentially going to cost us a Champions’ League spot and the FA Cup.

    If they’re Harry’s tactics, we’re doomed; if not, he should have spotted by now that it doesn’t work and we’re till doomed.

  2. Ringo says:

    Highlight of the game was Martin Tyler giving Croydon Athletic a mention.

  3. I have to rely on television to appraise Spurs but the lack of a decent outlet on the right hand side does transform them into another side. It’s not their fault that Lennon and Bentley are out although I agree that the attacking duo wsa lumpen indeed.

  4. snoblett says:

    Dreadful game, freezing cold, poor stewarding in the Spurs end and I didn’t hear the Fulham fans at all until the last five minutes.

    Makes me love non-league all the more.

  5. Chopper says:

    Nice write up, interesting to read a neutral view point. I think we (Fulham) struggled with the absence of Danny Murphy. He really is the player that pulls the strings and we don’t have a natural replacement for him. Nominally Jonathan Greening filled the gap yesterday but he’s not got the football brain of Murphy and resorts to a more conservative pass selection.

    It was a hard game to watch and I suspect our chance of progressing has passed but under Roy miracles do happen. We’ll look forward to the replay after an easy run of games against Juventus (twice), Man United at Old Trafford, and Man City at home.

  6. rich says:

    Good stuff, but the Observer this morning says we play the fourth fewest long balls in the league, so “direct” is harsh on us. Baird was testing the Spurs defence over the top as there seemed no way to go through them by conventional means, but he was largely alone in going aerial.

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