The World Cup Of National Anthems (Part One)


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10 Responses

  1. roswitha says:

    Plus La Marseillaise wins because it was incorporated into that moderately famous #1 Beatles song. I’ve always thought that opposition teams could do a lot of good in the world by singing LOVE LOVE LOVE after the opening bars. With the utmost respect, of course.

  2. Michael Wood says:

    My vote would be for La Marseillaise too. Odd that a country that produced that work has failed so often to create anything decent in pop music. It was an early peak, but a peak nevertheless.

  3. Paul Blackwell says:

    Meanwhile England has to put up with the ghastly dirge God Save The Queen. Not even a national anthem. I just cringe every time I hear it. Why why why can’t we have a proper ENGLISH song. Jerusalem (ironically!) or Land of Hope. Even Princess Anne once famously said it made her squirm. the only time we get a proper anthem is at the Commonwealth games.

  4. RichardG says:

    South African anthem for me. Great effort. other than that Paul Blackweel is SOOOOO right!

  5. RichardG says:

    …mine you, that French anthem’s dead go as well. Doh!

  6. Joe says:

    Sadly the most rousing national anthem that I’ve ever heard will not be heard in SA – the Russian anthem. Truly an inspiring piece of music, it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

    Oddly, the tune has remained constant but the words have changed (pre- and post-fall of Communism), since the old one made several references to the Union and Lenin.

    What was quite funny was watching a Russia game a few years ago and watching most of the players singing (or lip-synching) the old-style, Soviet words.

  7. United says:

    Believe it or not, Uruguay and Paraguay are not ‘local rivals’ and they actually don’t border each other. There isn’t really much to say about their relationship – it’s a bit like calling Switzerland and Belgium ‘local rivals.’

  8. Veronica says:

    For Argentina, the FIFA trims our anthem so much, that all the lyrics are left out!! Since we don’t have any words to sing, we just make a choir of “ohhh” along with the music. We like it a lot actually, this sort of became the “socceristic” version of our anthem.

  9. Rafa says:

    My vote is the the Mexican national anthem. Watch the match with Argentina this Sunday and you will see whose fans represent their anthem best…it will be the Mexicans.

  1. March 10, 2010

    […] The World Cup Of National Anthems (Part One) “For many people, major sports tournaments are the only occasion that national anthems are heard. These peculiar tunes have become a genre of their own, transcending the mere hymns that many of them were in first place, and they range from the gloriously uplifting to mournful dirges. The selection of words has, in many countries, brought about national debate that has been all-encompassing. In the case of Spain, it was decided that it would probably be for the best just to not bother having any for the sake of national unity.” (twohundredpercent) […]

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