Bournemouth & Cardiff’s Risky Strategies

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4 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    It’s hardly surprising that Risdale is doing exactly the same thing (mortgaging a club’s future income) as he did at Leeds.

    He still passes the Fit and Proper Person’s test of course.

    Therefore it is up to fans to prevent him (and many others like him) running their clubs and to vote with their feet and wallets if necessary as it’s the only language his sort understand.

  2. Darren Parr says:

    Pretty good article. Just a couple of points.

    The CVA payment that was “taken care of” wasn’t paid in December as agreed. But again paid out of the season ticket money in January. I think us AFCB fans would count something as “taken care of” when it is actually paid not just a blind promise. We have been through our fair share of cowboys as you say who have “taken care of” things.

    Also us fans are not struggling with the difference between legacy and on going PAYE. It would appear our board is. As your article says Mr Mitchell claimed the legacy debt was cleared back in November. But this new winding up order is also for legacy tax debts according to Mr Mitchell. So were they cleared or not.

    Apart from that as I say good article.

  3. Tony says:

    Ridsdale has sold the club down the river for his own greedy ends. There is no way that the club will pay the tax bill on March 10th and it will be administration and 10 points gone and everything else with it.

  4. life long cherry says:

    excellent feature spot on about AFCB, questions need to be asked and answered and the fans need to challenge what they are being told, once again AFCB is very vulnerable

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