Chester City Reportedly Sold To The Danes


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17 Responses

  1. Woody says:

    **** off Danes!!

  2. dave smith says:

    never going to happen – The ‘consortium’ has no funds in place – It’s just a red herring ….Chester are completely finished – fact.

  3. RichardG says:

    Have they agreed to pay SV senior his £485k? ;-) I find this very hard to believe.

  4. boris says:

    As an outsider looking in, this seems clear to me to be a scam to try and stop the Conference clubs voting Chester out of the league. I trust that the other clubs’ chairmen see through it and consign Chester, and with it the Vaughans, to footballing history and allow their fans the option of starting anew.

  5. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    Boris – they needn’t bother – there’s enough clubs who’ll vote with their own self-interest (Mansfield and Stevenage for starters) to keep them going.

  6. Tom says:

    Words can’t do this madness justice, but the brilliantly translated “too many new flap hats today” comes close.

  7. Lol says:

    I have to agree with Boris that this appears to be a scam perpetrated by the Vaughans to buy time and hold on to some semblance of a football club they are not worthy of owning till they get their pound of flesh out of it (or murder it in the process).
    Why anyone , Danish or not, would want to do business with the Vaughans is totally beyond me if I am being honest and surely it would be better for any consortium to start with a clean slate and the CFU on board than alienate the fans and buy a liability in one single stroke.
    You couldn’t make this up!
    (I am a AFC Wimbledon fan so my heart goes out to all you Chester supporters – Good Luck to you all!)

  8. Slim Shady says:

    Anyone who knows anything about the club, the people and the way things have happended in the past will not be surprised to find CCFC being granted an extension to sort themselves out on Friday and then find that these Danes withdraw from any prospective deal soon after. For Mark Wright and Jan Molby to involve themselves is something so obiously distastful only goes to show what little grasp of the real world footballers (even ex ones) have, and to portray Wright as the owner of a PR company beggars belief when you think of the PR he has had over the years (racisim, bullying and the never to be forgotten (or forgiven) screwing of a players wife.

    This saga will continue for a while yet.

  9. Barry Ashworth says:

    Yes, some great public relations indeed- Jan Molby can add the public bit to Mark Wright’s relations with other players’ wives – fights in gay night-clubs and totalling sports cars. As someone above says “you couldn’t make this up.”

  10. Darren Jones says:

    This lot are no more qualified to run or indeed fund a football club than my aunt Doris! What a shambolic disgrace, fronted and supported by charlatans. Mark Wright should be ashamed to be connected with these people, and has surely sold his love of football for a quick buck. It won’t be a day too soon when the club belongs 100% to the supporters, the only people who have cared dearly for it for generations and who will do so for generations to come. Long live the CFU, long live Chester FC.

  11. Saddened says:

    Well it didn’t go as planned and now Chester are without a league, effectively there is no club…

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