Notts County & Munto Finance: The Inquest Begins


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17 Responses

  1. NottyImp says:

    So, where are the Notts County supporters who accused those who saw through Munto of “envy” and “sour grapes” now? Hanging their heads in utter shame, I would hope.

  2. Alan J says:

    Another great article.

    What has happened at Notts sould be awarning to fans of clubs with new owners who promise the earth, and say they’ve got ‘more money than you can shake a stick at’.

    Of course the previous two owners of Pompey have indicated that they had plenty of money, yet produced nothing but loans from other people.

  3. David Boyes says:

    What give you the right to be so patronizing why should everything be done in your domain,you just dint like the idea of a small club like us making it,OK we have been stung but we still believe in our club,who knows perhaps some kind person (not from your neck of the woods)will come forward,its you lot that wants to get in the real world as you live in cuckoo land get a life.

  4. Tim Vickerman says:

    ‘“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” was the rhetorical question asked by John Lydon to the audience at the end of what turned out to be The Sex Pistols’ last show, at the Winterland in SanFrancisco in 1978.’

    Until they reformed in 1996. And 2002. And 2007.
    Whaddya you mean, you don’t remember that? Oh…

  5. Albert Ross says:

    @David Boyes – you really are in denial aren’t you! If you look around at this site at all you’ll probably see more about the small teams than the big, and that about the big is often less than complimentary.

    If you want to be angry with anyone, be angry with those behind Munto Finance, and those that were taken in by them. A lot of people had doubts about Munto, and those have proved to be correct; some Notts fans at the time accused them of sour grapes. Now it’s all come home to roost, you accuse them again of sour grapes. Take the plank out of your own eye….

  6. Michael Wood says:

    NottyImp vocalises a real problem with County in that they may be the second club in football to go beyond the level of sympathy.

    Anyone who has even questioned County this season has been slurred up to the point where they were proved right. David Boyes represents a strange kind of mentality. Ben Davies of Shrewsbury was a very good player for them last season and this year he has been spirited away to Meadow Lane, ditto Graeme Lee from Bradford City. Boyes’s idea that anyone could be against County because they are a small club neglects the idea that – by basically running up debts they were never going to be able to afford – he people they are ripping off on the whole have the same aim. The level of entitlement that Boyes shows – not that a small club should be allowed to do well just that his small club should be – along with the generally obnoxious attitude of County fans all season (and the players – Kasper Schmeichel kicked a door in this season after one loss at Valley Parade) starts to create a situation where other football fasn are at risk of cutting them loose with a firm statement that they have made the bed they lay in.

    I certainly would find it very hard to put my money into a pot to “Save Notts County” when Lee Hughes is taking out of that pot and because of people like David Boyes. However if football is weakened by the loss of any club – if we cannot in favour of any football supporter should be in a situation where his club is threatened – then we as a community have to extend sympathy, forgiveness and help to the Notts County fans even though they are the second club to pass sympathy.

    The question is are there clubs of whom one would say that we can not get sympathy for?

  7. Manneken Pis says:

    You state in the article that Munto asset stripped the club.
    They did lots of bad things, but what assets did they strip???

  8. Alan J says:

    There was talk of Notts going into admin again, but that is not going to help when you’ve still got players on £15k+ a week, and you cannot just rip up players contracts unless they agree.

    In todays MoS they say that Kasper Schmeichel is on a promotion bonus of £200k. How are they going to pay that?

    And for David Boyes, I support a club that has been in admin twice, but nearly went out of business just over 2 years ago (we couldn’t go into admin again as the judge forebode it when he agreed the 2nd period of admin).

    We have new owners who are trying to run the club in a business-like manner, and they have said that they will not throw money at the club, despite being worth an estimated £800m+, which our fans fully agree with.

  9. Nottsfan says:

    Not all fans were duped and I hate this thought that they were. I voted against the takeover even though I hated the people that were running the Trust.

    Someone needs to look at the reasons the Chairman at the time who was on the Trust board not only said the deal was good for the club but went further and said thats Trusts were simply social experiments, funny that at the time he was telling people that he was to become a Director of the new company?

  10. NottyImp says:

    The least of Coumty’s problems is the HMRC debt. I suspect Trew can manage to pay that off. But what does he do with the other £3.9 million of debt and a wage-bill that is completely out of control? Expect Notts to be in Admininstration before the end of the season…

  11. Rob says:

    Nottsfan: Considering the situation Notts appeared to be in at the time, the club had already been spending beyond it’s means. Rather than blame individuals, or take any of the blame, it’s easier to blame the movement.

    That said, the Trust were majority shareholders, not 100% owners. The other ex-shareholders have been very quiet through all this (other than agreeing at the time, that the sale was the best thing for the club).

  12. Nottsfan says:


    2 others shareholders agreed to the sale too. Not all them did which is why Munto only had 90% shareholding.

  13. admin says:

    Did Roy Parker agree to it or not? Out of interest, like.

  14. Nottsfan says:

    Admin – he did yes.

  15. PompeyinBulgaria says:

    Sounds very similar to what has been going on at Pompey with a few more zeroes involved and of course your friend and mine Peter Storrie.

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