Southend United’s Counter-Attack Against HMRC

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4 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    I don’t know what is worse; this bloke’s squirming or the sad fact that so many people want to believe his bullshit!

  2. Alan J says:

    There was talk in the papers before Christmas that the £2.15m actually came from Sainsbury’s as their payment for the sale of Roots Hall, when they move to their new ground…which I cannot see happening for a long time.

  3. Not that you have an agenda or anything... says:

    The “unintended irony” here is your plaint that Martin’s blogs are long and dreary. Compared to this article, they are models of succinct forthright accuracy.

  4. Mark Murphy says:

    Oooh, at 1300 words (many of which are Martin’s), its not bad for me.

    I do resent the implication that I might tend on occasion to resort to an un-necessary over-use of too many words to highlight and emphasise a point of particular pertinence and relevance to the matter in hand, which in this case, at this particular point in time is the organisational and chronological deficiency in Ron Martin’s fiduciary and fiscal policiies and strategies.

    Mind you, where have I been unforthright and inaccurate?

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