Notts County Part Two: Arrivederci, Peter Trembling

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  1. NottyImp says:

    Trew, of course, doesn’t have anything like the £25 million Trembling claimed to be bringing into the club. He stated today that Notts County have a debt of at least £3.9 million (but it may be more), so expect adminstration to cheat their way out of paying their creditors at some point.

    Still, all of this hasn’t stopped Trew saying the aim is to be in the Championship in “3-4 years”. They never learn, do they?

  2. Administration before the end of the season will it be then?

    I can’t see what Trew has to gain from this; or is that incredibly naive of me?

  3. Alan J says:

    Trembling was on Sky Sports saying he was planing to sue Munto/Qadbak…that’s assuming he knows who and where they are, something he hasn’t been able to do in the last 6 months.

  4. NottyImp says:

    Well, he was part of Munto, wasn’t he? That means he will be suing himself, which would be quite in character for the bizarre Mr Trembling. :)

  5. NottyImp says:


    Trew has wanted to a football club to play with for years. He originally was linked with investment into QPR, then had the bizarre idea of turning Lincoln City into a PLC, before buying County for £1. I hope he enjoys his new toy.

  6. Alan Smith says:

    Just seen Panorama and was amazed to see Peter Trembling as ex Chairman of Notts County. Absolutely amazed. I worked with him at Thomas Cook in Nottingham when he would be in his early 20’s. Not a very good travel agent. He even took a group to Australia where he travelled free. He stayed just 1 night in Sydney and then travelled straight back home! That says it all.

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