Chester City: The Truth Of The Debt Revealed


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37 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    You could just not make this up. A truely staggering story.

  2. XWWB says:

    As a Chester City (probably soon to be Chester FC or AFC Chester) supporter, I can’t speak highly enough of these articles. Please apply for a job with Chester Chronical or Evening Leader!

    Thanks again for your support and brutally accurate reporting

  3. ltfc4ever says:

    The football authorities should hang their heads in shame!

    Once again they have made a laughing stock of this great game

    Once again their pathetic attempts to address the issue has only hurt the fans

    Have they learnt nothing from the recent past?!

    Yes vaughan has, possibly, destroyed the club but the football authorities have allowed him to do so!

    My best wishes go to every CCFC fan

  4. mike says:

    from a Luton fan,im so sorry for you,disgraceful,and the worst part of it is it will barely get a mention in the press and media

  5. Rob says:

    If you do finally go under it will be a sad day for all football not just CCFC. If I remember correctly your club is the same age as my club, Luton. CCFC is a proper, old football club. The sort of team we all grew up with being on the football results on a Saturday evening. I wish your fans all the best.

  6. Rob C says:

    Another excellent article. Some of the wages in those papers are staggering, let alone the £400,000 claimed by the Vaughans.

  7. Albert Ross says:

    Echoing Mike in many ways, yes what’s going on with Portsmouth is farcical but you can well imagine that a combination of that, tonight’s results, and the latest news on John Terry will mean that Chester will be lucky to get a couple of paragraphs in most papers in the morning.

    The reasons for the Vaughan family’s continued involvement are surely impossible to fathom. There can surely be no realistic prospect of them recovering their “loans”; even if it’s about ensuring they have the casting vote if the club goes into Admin yet again, it is clear that they have no support base and would effectively be acting as spoilers for a newly-formed team by denying them the Deva should the club continue beyond that with any involvement from them – and surely the Unibond (and maybe even NW Counties?) wouldn’t want to touch them with a bargepole if there is any hint of their hands still controlling the club. What can they possibly stand to gain?

  8. Sympathetic Womble says:

    Vaughan is the biggest villain in this sorry saga but the football so-called “authorities” run a close second. The Conference had to accept Chester this season, against their own rules on insolvent clubs, or the Football League would have withdrawn the automatic promotion/relegation places. The FA – supposedly the supreme governing body – then fined the Conference for said breach. No sanction against the FL. Incredible.

    Hate to see any club go bust (bar one though they’re not a proper club!) but for the sake of Chester’s fans, I hope the Conference do the decent thing tomorrow and put them out of their misery. Viva the phoenix Chester and good luck with the new club keeping the lease on the Deva.

  9. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    “reasons for the Vaughan family’s continued involvement are surely impossible to fathom”

    I think some people might be prepared to hazard a guess ….

  10. Lenny Henry says:


  11. AFC Wimbledon R US says:

    What a complete shambles this has become, i hope that the chester fans start afresh with a AFC Chester or Chester City 2 etc, As like many of us dons fans went through when the FA (sic) did similar things to us and allowed our league place to be bought by another part of the country.The Vaughan’s should just f**k off out of the game all together, spineless money hungry wank*rs.
    Atleast you would not have to many promotions to get back to where you are now should you start again :)
    Good luck for now and the future to all Chester fans

    AFC Wimbledon Fans

  12. Jertzee says:

    As a Wimbledon fan I feel for the Chester supporters but if Chester was my team I would want the Conference to point the gun and kill us off so we could start again.
    Shocking state of affairs that it even got this far.

  13. Lol says:

    As usual, I come to this site (200%) to get the low-down (and I Mean low) on this sorry affair. It looks like the saga has finally run it’s inevitable course and i wait to hear the verdict of the Conference on all this.
    Surely Tuesday nights shenanigans with FGR was the ultimate insult as they have been very badly done by by the Conference and must be out of pocket by a pretty penny thanks to their (and the FA’s) lack of action till this point. I hope someone compensates them in due course!
    Good luck to all the Chester Fans! DIY!

  14. Sunderland Seadog says:

    I am sure i speak for Scarborough fans all over the UK when i say how sorry we are to see another club being shafted yet again. It is such a shame that these things have to happen.

    The fans now run a club called Scarborough Athletic and i have to say, it was a relief when the old girl was put to sleep. A VERY sad day but we then had the chance to get back to actually supporting a team and not worrying about wages not being paid, being locked out of the ground, and constant rumours about it being our last game.

    If they have not done so already, i am very sure our board would love to help your fans set up a trust and get back to playing footie and enjoying it. Chester and Boro have a long history of playing each other and having these hassles……now maybe we can help each other once again. Get in touch with the club and supporters direct!!

    UP the boro….

  15. RichardG says:

    The trouble is, you just know that footballs ‘Fit and Proper’ test (there’s a sick joke if ever there was one!) means that Vaughan could VERY EASILY turn up at yet another club, and do this for the third time!

  16. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    “Vaughan could VERY EASILY turn up at yet another club, and do this for the third time!”

    If he does, let’s hope it’s at the club who – despite being based in a “city” in the unrelenting grip of a football frenzy – managed to find less than 500 followers prepared to make the somewhat less than arduous trip to Southampton for a cup semi-final the other night ….

  17. Dave S says:

    “Vaughan could VERY EASILY turn up at yet another club, and do this for the third time!”

    Apparently he turned up at a Northwich Vics game last week – they have just announced that they are releasing all their contracted players.

    Surely not………..

  18. John Kirby says:

    So So sorry to see Chester City in this mess.
    Lots of sympathy for the fans of course but my feelings go out to the players and staff at the club along with people like caterers, printers etc who have gainfully carried on without pay for so long.
    As a long standing Rochdale fan I have enjoyed many encounters with Chester both at Spotland, Sealand Rd and the Deva.
    We are so lucky to have had Directors with leadership and club loyalty who really take care of the finances for our (the fans) benefit. Why can’t every club be run like ours?

    I hope it works out eventually the the benefit of the fans. Good luck.

  19. Plastic Pitch Advantage says:

    Dont forget that while the football authorities allowed this charade to continue the club has amassed “real” debts which it wont be paying.

    As well as the supporters of this club suffering, it’s you and I losing some tax revenues, it’s real local businesses not being paid for services provided in good faith, it’s the long suffering staff of the club not feeding/clothing their kids because they haven’t been paid and so on.

    I dont want to labour the point any more than that but it’s actually criminal that it’s been allowed to carry on. Everyone has something to be angry about here. The authorities surely have a duty to step in and prevent situations escalating to this crisis point.

  20. curranhung says:

    Dermot – if only! That’s the one “club” which deserves to be well and truly shafted.

    Perhaps someone could steer the Vaughans in that direction.

  21. Dave C says:

    Feel sorry for you guys wish had the money to buy it because even though I am an Everton fan CCFC is a proper football club and the fans do not deserve this.

  22. jim de la grand testes says:

    As a Luton fan I am sure that administration/liquidation etc may be painful and horrible to contemplate again, but it would finally rid Chester of the cancerous prescence of the vaughan family.

    If and when they reform it will be with the goodwill and support of all true football fans.

    Aldershot, Maidstone, Wimbledon and your fellow Welshmen Newport have all proven that liquidation is not the end. Don’t give up.

  23. Jason Paget says:

    As a supporter of a stricken club, Grimsby Town, I can only wish you supporters the very best for the future. I can fully understand why your attendances are down to 400 or so.

    Your club is gone. Set up a new club and you can be rid of that scumbag Vaughan. He has hardly bothered to hide his agenda so any money you put into the club will end up with him by the sounds of things.

    Doesn’t look like our clubs will meet next season. Hope to see you sooner rather than later.

    All the best.

  24. Alan J says:

    I would concur, and would like to commiserate with all Chester City fans, who have been seriously screwed by Vaughan and his cronies, and ALL the administrators who has let this happen.

    Even now, the Conference still cannot put them out of their misery, by delaying their decision by 7 days, despite Vaughan putting two fingers up to the Conference all season.

    The sooner Chester City (and their fans) are put out of their misery, the better.

    Best wishes from all at Swindon.

  25. oftenscore6 says:

    The sceptic in me thinks the reason for the ‘£500k loan’ is so that Vaughan is a 75% creditor, so his son can agree another CVA writing most of it off and paying 1% so the club can continue…..

  26. Unbelievable reading!! It’s one thing to be “had over” by unscrupulous chairmen, but to have the knife twisted by a league committee that itself wouldn’t pass a “fit and proper persons” test!

    Best of luck in whatever the future holds for real fans of football in chester.

  27. Martin says:

    So yet another chance for the authorities to end this nonsense.

    The only question is whether they have been seen to have done everything they could possibly do to help to keep the Football League happy about the two promotion and relegation places.

    It will be Darlington next season.

  28. Lee Southend says:

    My own club Southend United are not without their problems at the moment, but this tale is truly gut-wrenching

    I’ve enjoyed many a trip to both Sealand Road and The Deva Stadium over the years and its always a top day out

    Best of luck to Chester fans everywhere

  29. Jonny says:

    Such a sad situation. My heart goes out to all Chester City fans. Im a Walsall fan and I regard fans of smaller clubs as the true football family. When one of your family is hurt we all feel their pain!
    Best of luck with the new club

  30. Luton Kev says:

    Keep going guys, feel so sorry for you, Christ I thought our situation was bad enough over the 3 last years.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel, look at who we are playing this Saturday AFC Wimbledon, they had there club stolen from them!

    The Authorities should hang there heads in shame.. still we all know that they are only interested in the Premiership, look how they are mounevering money to save the “image” of the league with the Portstmouth situation.

    Best of luck lads.

  31. As a Leeds fan I can only commiserate, we may still be in existence but only because of the dubious practices of those reposnsible for the game, our current owner (whoever that may be now that we know it’s not Ken Bates) and so on. It’s time for strong legislation which ensures supporter involvement and takes the spivs out of our game. I sincerely hope football supporters in Chester come out of this with a will to continue with some sort of club. It can be done.

    Marching On Together!

  32. JamieK says:

    I have the deepest sympathies for all you CCFC supporters. A a Northwich victoria fan, I understand what it’s like to have your beloved club go to the ground because of an untrustworthy crook, but this is something else. The Vaughan family have happily destroyed a huge footballing history. However, hold your heads high, stick with AFC Chester or whatever is likely to appear next year, and continue that history by creating a new club, that you can all be proud of. It seems very difficult now but every football fan in the land hopes that this works out for you, and lets hope that in the coming years you make it back up to a high level of football.

    Best of luck,

    Northwich Vics Supporters

  33. Geoff Lawler says:

    “CHESTER NEW SAINTS” playing in the Welsh Premier League would be preferable to nothing at all.

  34. Harry says:

    “Jertzee says:
    February 11, 2010 at 10:46 amAs a Wimbledon fan I feel for the Chester supporters but if Chester was my team I would want the Conference to point the gun and kill us off so we could start again.
    Shocking state of affairs that it even got this far”.

    That really sums it up..Forget about the creditors and just open a new club without a care in the world.

    A damn disgrace I say.


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