The Saints City Trust Fire The Perfect Broadside


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11 Responses

  1. AA says:

    Tell the club to get f*cked.

  2. a fan says:

    I wouldn’t say “perfect” as the trust still have not explained what has happened to the £10k+ they have in the bank

  3. Jertzee says:

    Absolutely superb response from the Trust and shows that most people who run football clubs are clueless idiots.

  4. Phil says:

    Directors of football clubs need to get a key fact into their heads,- If they run the business in a prudent manner, are open and honest with fans, budget for medium term sustainable growth rather than mortgaging the future stability of the club on chasing a short term dream and are consistent in their approach including treating all fans with respect rather than as a cash cow, then they will get backing from their ‘customers’ that no other business could dream of. If the dont conduct themselves in the above way then they deserve nothing and supporters everywhere should stand up to them.

    Well done SCT.

  5. Wibbly Wobble says:

    @A fan *cough* – what £10k is that?

    The £10k that was raised by the fans and which was voted to be transferred to the new organisation, and which the Directors agreed would remain with the Trust? Or are we talking about a different £10k?

    Just wondering, ‘a fan’ – did you ever hear of a silly billy called Rupert Lowe who got PR people to pretend to be Southampton Fans in order to bash the Trust there? Coincidentially a Trust that shares a similar name; the Saints Trust!

  6. Albert Ross says:

    @Phil – I agree with the sentiments, but sadly sometimes the problem at some clubs is that it doesn’t take too much struggling before the demands to open the chequebook come along. A quick look at Darlington’s main fans forum a couple of months back showed that while quite a few appreciated that the current chairman there is doing his best to set sensible budgets and not have them become a basket case yet again, there were others (a minority, but vocal) arguing that he needed to spend some money on players….

    I think at a club run more openly, and with Trust involvement, there IS more chance of what you say happening – but unfortunately one of the big issues IMO in the whole of Football is that many fans are seduced by the aura of money and sensible, open boards are in the minority. The result: when a club is struggling, the call is for more money for players…. and not a recognition that actually they may be competing at a level too high to afford and have to cut their cloth….. I wish it was otherwise, but then again I’m getting quite pessimistic at the moment.

  7. Lol says:

    It strikes me that only fans (be they on the board or on the terrace)of football clubs would and should be interested in the ownership and running of a football club. Far too many board members nowadays see football as a speculation on either success or the land the clubs are built on.
    A touch of realism from the St Albans Board of Directors towards the clubs prospects seems in order and, as with most companies,blame for poor performance is directed towards the minions who “could do better” rather than any meaningful self examination of their own failures.
    To the St Albans board I say “You Haven’t put any money into the club without getting representation on the board – Why would you expect anything less from the Supporters Trust? They have a responsibility to their members to make sure that money is spent wisely. Maybe if you had done the same, things wouldn’t have come to this!”

  8. Phil says:

    Albert – I agree that often a vocal minority put pressure on boards, however if those boards are prudent and communicate openly with fans groups including trusts then I believe ( especially at the moment ) that the majority of fans will back them up on a prudent approach. There are so many clubs under threat. The supporters of those clubs want to be able to attend games way into the future and to give their kids and grand kids the opportunity to do so also.To this end I am sure that most fans would be willing for a little sacrifice on short term ambition. This would also depress costs to clubs in general if they acted in a concerted manner.
    Realism must kick in sooner rather than later and we should also remember that the management boards of the leagues hold some responsibility for creating this problem eg Conference Management board have created an environment where probably 18 teams are competing on a fulltime basis for 2 promotion spots when I would suspect only 4 or 5 could afford this on revenues. At the same time the league has lost sponsorship / TV money further damaging clubs bottom lines.

    They dont seem to take a sustainable approach and this is reflected in most of their member clubs.

  9. Fisher Dan says:

    Good grief, the directors of SACFC appear to be utter morons. I am genuinely astounded at their complete lack of insight, and attempt to appropriate other peoples’ money for their own ends. The only people with responsibility for the costs of playing staff and running the organisation are the owners of the business.

    If they want investment from the supporters’ trust, perhaps they should consider tying it to representation and a share of the ownership.

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