Chester City: The Death Rattle – Part 9


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9 Responses

  1. Jertzee says:

    I would never want any fan to lose their club (apart from MK) but, they shoot horses don’t they…..?

  2. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    I have no ill-will towards Chester, but the comparative leniency with which the football authorites have treated them – when compared to the other team relegated into the Conference with them last season – defies belief.

  3. Albert Ross says:

    Listening to the BBC Non-League Show via Podcast this season, it’s pretty clear that the only reason that Chester City were allowed to enter the BSP was that the Conference Board were effectively being put under pressure by the Football League to take them – whether spoken or unspoken, the implication seems to be “if you want your promotion places, you have to take whoever comes down regardless of the state they might be in.” That is a bit different from the punishing of Luton, although I take the point that the situations at the two clubs were quite different.

  4. Martin says:

    Albert, indeed.

    Luton’s strength and obvious ability to bounce back was their weakness.

    Chester were too weak to be allowed to fail.

  5. Dave says:

    So the Football League are insisting that regardless of the off-the-field considerations, a league must accept any club whose previous year’s playing performance entitles it to enter that league in the current season. I’m sure the irony is not lost on Kettering Town or Stevenage Borough.

  6. Albert Ross says:

    Dave – the stuff on the Non-League Podcast seemed to be indicating that, which is of course ironic on a number of levels with all of the issues about ground grading, denied promotions etc.

    The Conference are effectively in a pickle about what they are trying to be IMO – they seem to want to effectively be Division 5/4/League 3 or whatever it’s called this week, but are forced to rely on whatever the Football League imposes in terms of promotion issues; to counteract this (and the prospect of the winners not gaining promotion) they are imposing ever stricter conditions on teams entering the Conference National and now North and South to try and create a breeding ground for potential League clubs. To an extent on that front they’re successful – the strength of teams coming up has with some exceptions been enough that those that come up rarely go back down within their first couple of seasons, and BSP contains an increasing number of teams that were long-term FL sides discovering that it’s a lot easy to get into that league than climb back out of it.

    The cost of that is that performance on the pitch is no longer enough, and a club has to get the ground etc right as well if they’re going to get anywhere in the pyramid – and the standards are now so strict that you get the impression some clubs are going to be happier to stay where they are than spend big sums on a ground that might be full once or twice a lifetime. I knew someone involved with Prescot Cables at one time, and he was telling me that they would struggle to get beyond the Unibond (they were NWCL at the time) because they needed more parking at the ground to get a sufficient grading – but had no realistic way of doing it!

  7. truliblue says:

    To all genuine supporters across the UK and beyond,what is happening at Chester has nothing to do with results on ‘the field of play’but the football club has been destroyed by a family using it for issues which have nothing to do with football.BARROW F.C. and WIDNES RLFC can probably give you an idea of what is happening to our club.They won’t let go of Chester City until it has served its purpose and then move on to another victim.The authorities do nothing at all and the sad thing is the GENUINE SUPPORTERS SUFFER

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