Chester City: The Death Rattle – Part 8


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11 Responses

  1. JamPot says:

    “will they be able to get away with it yet again?” Probably.

    At the end of the day those in charge in the League are not going to lose their jobs over their inaction. If they were accountable for what they have NOT done (which is sort out Chester before the season) this mess might not be happening and we’d have new people in the League committee (or whoever runs the roost!)

    So we lurch from one crisis to another…. it like the banks isnt it. Until one really big one goes (like Lenham Bros did) no one really took notice.

    Perhaps we need a Portsmouth at the top to set the ball rolling and see a cascade of other clubs suddenly finding that they are living beyond their means; and that other member clubs arent willing to pay the subs to the League(s) to help bail them out!

  2. charlie says:

    chester supporters aren’t living beyond there means,they have been taken for a ride by owners who have used the football club as a vehicle to hide there real intentions which happens off the field of play and has no connection with football.

  3. steve says:

    Facebook can be a useful site to keep in touch with friends etc, but also a wonderful repository of fuckwittery. Ladies & gents, I give you the Morell Maison fanpage:

    As a Cambridge United fan, I’m still amazed we let Mark Beasley go on loan to Chester, as anyone with half a brain can work out that the club have no money. At our fans forum, any worries about the loan were brushed off with a “we are football creditor, don’t worry” response. I wish no ill to the fans of Chester, but if this is anotherr nail in the coffin of Stephen Vaughn FC, then so be it. AFC Chester is only option.

  4. AndyP says:

    “Boston, a club of a similar size to Chester, remain in the middle of the Unibond League”

    Just to let you know, we are doing well this season, 3rd at the moment, and are pushing for promotion.

    It is a very long way back but I think most supporters who’ve been in our situation would rather be in a lower league with a well run club than higher up and badly run.

    Good luck to Chester fans trying to clean their club up.

  5. RichardG says:

    I’ve just had a look at his facebook page. I’m a Halesowen fan, so nearly laughted myself to death! Who is that Liz person? What a demented sole she must be>

  6. RichardG says:

    Sorry, Izzie, not Liz. My humble apologies for the error ;)

  7. Simon Cope says:

    Seems like HMRC have had a winding-up order in against Chester City since November – court date is set for 27th January.

    (bottom left of page)

  8. Martin says:

    So another winding up petition from HMRC despite numerous promises to the authorities in the summer?

    Have Chester City ever paid any tax?

    I hope this time the authorities don’t take the easy and neat route and just wait until the end of the season to put an end to this absolute nonsense. That doesn’t deter anyone. It happened to Fisher only last season.

  9. Lol says:

    Just a not to any Chester City fans that it might well be a “long haul back to the Football League” if and when you reform as a Supporters club but as a AFC Wimbledon supporter I can honestly say that it will be worth the journey and you will see, during your travels, exactly what football is all about and not what the “Vaughans” of this world have brought it down to.

    Good Luck to You All!!!

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