Portsmouth And Sacha Gaydamak: Revival Or Revisionism?

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9 Responses

  1. Simon Cope says:

    Shocking. I wasn’t aware of the finer details relating to Gaydamak’s time in charge at Pompey. Thanks for the article – excellent work. If ever there was an argument for clubs having to restrict their wage budget to a percentage of their turnover, this is it. Oh, and for FA regulations forbidding using player contracts and stadiums as security for loans. And re-writing the fit and proper persons test(s). Etc etc etc!

  2. JOHN FRISBEE says:

    I cannot believe how much has been written on this, with Pompey
    in so Much trouble. Where was all the due diligence,it is such a
    mess. Between Arabs and Jews and HR AND PS, I live in Australia,
    but anyone knows you cannot just look at salaries alone, there are oncosts like NI,TAX AND vat on purchases. Who has been doing the
    Budget and cash projectioons on a ground with 20500 cap.

    I HAVE FOLLOWED POMPEY since 1964,the truth is we cannot cut it
    with the big boys,and I hate to say it perhaps we take admin,
    and cut our cloth,in the CHAMPS, REGROUP AND SURVIVE.
    PLAYERS ARE Worth more than our TEAM.

  3. Nige P says:

    Fantastic read. Poopey are right in the Mire!! How long will it be before the fall and the final nail is driven into the coffin. Its great being a Saints fan!!!! Shoe is on the other foot now you dirty skates!!! RED & WHITE MACHINE

  4. Storm says:

    Well I’m a Saints fan, and I hope that Pompey come out of this mess alive. I’m shocked at the crap you’ve been thrown by your owners etc. As long as you survive as a club that is the main thing… it doesn’t matter what league you are in or what players you have left… just look at Leeds and S’ton.

  5. JOHN FRISBEE says:

    Object to what nigel p says, if you cannot be constructive,well!! are you as nasty about CARDIFF C or Luton T OR LEEDS U. I used to

    see the Saints AT THE DELL, with Chivers and Terry Paine, TED
    BATES WAS mgr.
    I love football,Pompey are in a mgt mess,HR DID NO good 4 u,
    and paid 2nd class players too much, 80,000 a week 4 Utaka,who are u going to have a go at if they go out of business, ALDERSHOT, HAVANT,EASTLEIGH OR BOURNEMOUTH?
    I HAVE LIVED in Portsmouth,Fareham and Eastleigh.
    I say good luck to the Saints and Pompey.

  6. Martin says:

    Money laundering for a fugitive arms dealer who creates misery in Africa.

    Can English football stoop any lower?

  7. ejh says:

    Almost certainly, yes.

  8. Micky F says:

    Nige P obviously has the memory of a goldfish as he seems to have conveniently forgotten the mire his own team were less than 6 months ago. Unfortunately some people never seem to learn from their errors.

  9. Bert Uscio says:

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