Manchester United & The Need For Permanent Success


Ian began writing Twohundredpercent in May 2006. He lives in Brighton. He has also written for, amongst others, Pitch Invasion, FC Business Magazine, The Score, When Saturday Comes, Stand Against Modern Football and The Football Supporter. Ian was the first winner of the Socrates Award For Not Being Dead Yet at the 2010 NOPA awards for football bloggers.

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10 Responses

  1. Cham says:

    Phenomenal take.

    The in-substitution of Ryan Giggs & Antonio Valencia at 57′ spoke loads of desperation.

  2. Micky F says:

    Poor old Man U, it’s such a shame to hear they’re struggling. Maybe the Blue Square Premier clubs could pass the hat round for them next saturday?

  3. James Walker says:

    Well there are rumours that 6 far east businessmen are putting together a 1 billion takeover bid, As a Man Utd fan I pray this does happen or I fear in the long the run the club is doomed.

  4. Gervillian Swike says:

    Good analysis. On the periphery of the article, I must just mention that it’s a strange moral position that FC United hold. Their situation is not the same as Wimbledon’s, whose club was taken over and shifted 80 miles up the road for other fans; this was a new club set up by disenfranchised Man United supporters. The image of the club is that of the plucky underdog, fightin for what is right for purely football reasons – and yet in setting up FC United, they’ve actually deprived other clubs in that area of support – the other team that plays at Gigg Lane, for example. It’s a strange irony that the popularity of a club set up for football reasons is so dependent on a brand image.

    Not a ccriticism, just an observation.

  5. admin says:

    Just to let “Jish Inc” know, and for future reference, we don’t tolerate abusive replies on this site. There are plenty of other sites to visit if you want biased, uncritical eulogies to Manchester United. Don’t bang your arse on the way out.

  6. Paul Blackwell says:

    This is all building up to a scenario – indeed a tragedy – in between 3 and 7 years time that will convulse the greedy self interested and blinkered upper echelons of the English game to their very foundations.
    It will be the final tragedy of Munich 58 – which let in Louis Edwards – who after the death of chairman Hardman picked off local shareholders – then his son took over – who started the whole process that ended up with the Glazers in control -aided along the way by Fergie’s spat with the Irishmen which alienated them from the club – Fergie’s spat of course aggravated by the nonsense behaviour of the posey boy phoney from Leytonstone – who now, laughably, is projected as the icon of the bid to stage 2018 in England despite having won sod all and arguably contributed to 3 successive World Cups of underachievements.
    My first match at Old Trafford was in 54 with Jack Rowley still there and Duncan Edwards about to blossom. When Albert Scanlon died last month that was so sad as he was a very early local hero.
    I last went to OT in 2004, probably for the last time.
    There is something very wrong and very rotten now about the game in this country.

  7. Wyre Forest Red says:

    Gervillian Swike;

    You come across as a reasonable minded bloke. If so, please take 5 mins to read the report on how much FC-Utd did within the community last year… all done by volunteers. . Yes, our situation was not the same as Wimbledon, but the efforts we put into areas that are important to us are very similar.

    As for MUFC. This site alone has been willing to actually sift through the spin sent out by the PR men at OT for the last 5 years that the debt loaded onto the club is totally unsustainable. Only now is the mainstream media beginning to realise the crisis faced by United, by Liverpool and, for differing reasons, by a clutch of other Premier League clubs, West Ham and Porstmouth being the most obvious, I suspect tht their are several others.

  8. Gervillian Swike says:

    Wyre Forest Red – thanks for the link, and I think there is some congratulations due for the excellent work carried out in the community by FCUOM. There is an irony that the profile of FCUOM is so much higher than that of clubs like Bury and Stockport, both of whom have had their problems in recent times – but there’s no doubt that this is being put to good use in the areas that matter.

    I wonder if there’s an article to be had on the progress of clubs like FC United, Wimbledon, AFC Liverpool, etc. all of which have different origins, constitutions, etc.?

  9. Chris Taylor says:

    “and yet in setting up FC United, they’ve actually deprived other clubs in that area of support – the other team that plays at Gigg Lane, for example”

    How have we?

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