A Tussle With The Tax Man


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10 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    The way this has been reported is terrible.

    Who on earth are this HM FC to challenge the might of the Premier League and its army of lawyers etc.?

    Harry Redknapp belongs in prison.

  2. Mike Roche says:

    Methinks the first respondent be off his face – understandable, [perhaps?] – given time of year. The thing I marvel at is the accuracy of reporting herein. Who are HM FC? – proof positive of respondent’s bedraggled state. Harry has nought to do with Portsmouth’s problems – remember, he moved on ages ago!

    Harry & Hodgson [of Fulham] are, to my way of thinking, the best ENGLISH Managers about.

    Harry has ALWAYS done well & will continue to do so!

    Happy New Year, HARRY!

  3. Martin says:

    That is a serious “whoosh” there Mike :)

    Every single one of Harry’s previous clubs has been or is still in serious financial difficulty.

    Are you saying that this is merely a huge co-incidence?

  4. Mike Roche says:

    Martin, you would need agree, Harry gets RESULTS. It’s the folk holding the purse who have the final say & they must have thought they could afford to do what was done.

    Harry’s current Club have historically been better money managers. Time ought prove Harry has been good for them & delivered.

    There’s always a risk in business of over extending – particularly in Football – adrenalin all the way!

  5. Martin says:

    The HMRC and criminal tax avoidance investigation into Storrie and Redknapp at Portsmouth should reveal a lot about who controls the purse-strings when Harry is in town…

  6. Mike Roche says:

    Oh! To be so powerful!

  7. John A says:

    The HMRC and criminal tax avoidance investigation into Storrie and Redknapp at Portsmouth should reveal a lot about who controls the purse-strings when Harry is in town…

    Do you think that the owners of a club give the manager the right to spend whatever money he wants on whoever he wants? The manager makes requests and they are approved or denied by people higher up. To suggest that Harry is at fault for Portsmouth’s money crisis is to suggest that the people who run Portsmouth are jibbering fools who simply say yes to any requests.

    That may be true.

    You should vent your rage at them maybe?

  8. Martin says:

    What rage? It’s just the truth as has been reported so far.

    I’m sure Milan Madaric and Arkady Gaydamak were really concerned about how “their” money was distributed…


    Some of you sound incredibly naive.

  9. Mike Roche says:

    That doesn’t include me of course! Spurs & Fulham are my pick of clubs managed best on field by locals – Add Mr Burnley/Bolton to the list too, though he be from a touch further afield!

  10. SaintChip says:

    Portsmouth’s great demise is symptomatic of the Premiership as a whole, overspending like it’s going out of fashion, over-inflated wages to go with the ego’s with only a very few clubs getting a fair share of any TV monies!
    It was only a matter of time before things started to implode and it seems Pompey may very well not be the only other club to suffer financial disaster, you only have to look at the operating debts which is staggering!
    Perhaps all of this can be interpreted as a “wake-up” call to all concerned, including the lower leagues. Common sense together with sound financial house-keeping needs to prevail and the concept of Never,Never Land needs to fly out of the window!
    Football in this country used to embody the spirit of the community, not the greed of the few. The wealth of the game should be filtered down to the lower leagues not just the Premiership and Championship, also the cost of going to games should be lowered to assist the many on low incomes, not all are on Lottery style wages!
    Football is our national sport, but if we’re not careful many clubs from the top down will disappeare and thats no good for anyone. I just hope it’s not too late!

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