Battle For Control Of Watford


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6 Responses

  1. ben says:

    it’s so unremittingly depressing. timing has really fucked our club over, because come january there is money due from portsmouth for tommy smith and mike williamson. the fact that we are relying on pompy for our next piece of (supposedly) guaranteed income says everything i guess. i can understand the russos securing their money against the stadium, it’s standard business practice, and as for the money queries, my guess is that there are debts that us, the fans, will never know about.

    administration seems pretty likely, and the best that can come out of that is that the adminstrator (usually KPMG in these cases it seems) will expose the absolutely shocking practices that have forced our club into this state. at least then we might stand as another example of how not to manage your premier league run.

    i can’t wait till saturday, at least then i can trek up to peterborough and watch my football team play a game of football. sadly, dealing with stuff like this all week long has become the norm for all to many people who supports a team outside of the big four..

  2. Sampson says:

    Excellent article, I think you’ve identified the bigger picture of what is going on in the board room. I really question where all the money has gone at Watford, for years we’ve sold players, King, Henderson, Shittu, Smith, Priskin etc etc. Help us Elton!!!

  3. matt doughty says:

    …the money from teh transfers, as has been publicised from at least, williamson and tommy smith are coming not at once but over a period of time, I presume ellingtons wages of ”ballpark figure” 20k a week, sadler, hoskins, eustace, demerit will, I imagine get a lot of it covered by these transfers. It begs the question, how ridiculous spending at some football clubs can get.

  4. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    Sampson – your comment shows everything that’s wrong with the running of your club. For the last 30 years, the business plan appears to have been: spend twice what we earn then go begging to Reg for a top up, then repeat ad nauseum.

  5. Happy Hatter says:

    Don`t worry yellowbellies, you can always sell Loach for 6 million

  6. Micky F says:

    It looks very bad for the Hornets. As a Luton fan I’d like to see Watford lose every game 5-0 but I’d hate to see them go bust. We were very close to going under 2 years ago but luckily we had a consortium made up of true Luton fans come in and save us. Hopefully there are some rich Watford fans (other than Dame Elton) who will ride in and save the club.

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