Is Portsmouth’s New Owner The Urban Spaceman?

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  1. Peter says:

    1) Storrie off on holiday to Australia – enforced absence? last moments of freedom before he he appears in court and possibly found ‘guilty of tax evasion’ in January?

    2) Storrie’s original quotes about new owner (Faraj) – that that Pompey would be taken to a ‘level you wouldnt believe’ and that Faraj was connected to the Saudi Royal Family.. Storrie paid 1 million a year for such good judgement and criminal charges giving the club a bad name?

    4) Owner Al-Faraj originally quoted in Arabian press that he is in it for ‘profit only’ for 6 months.. so what will he do with a club losing revenue and destined for the championship?

    5) New owner Al_faraj has had to borrow twice (or more) to the tune of 15 million from a Hong-Kong businessman and another source pay player wages.. Surely a fit and proper person test should have sounded out his financial plan/own finances to see he was a fit and proper person.

    6) The land around Fratton Park is separately owned by Sacha Gaydamak. Al Fayim has the rights to buy this land for a nominal fee. Fahim has stated that he has proposed to the current owner that he be given the opportunity to buy more shares with part of ‘his 50 million”..
    He has also said that he is prepared to sell the rights to the land around Fratton Park to the new owners…
    Yet, he has never met the new owners and has received no communication to his request to meet the new owner about his offers…!!

    …Could go on so much more….

  2. Paul says:

    Very good article that raises some very good questions.

  3. sue says:

    Interesting, well-written and amusing in a slightly horrifying way, especially for Portsmouth supporters. As I’m not I’ll hold my schadenfreude in check: even I have my limits.

    It also seems to underline the inverse relationship between wealth and intelligence..

  4. Ken says:

    I think the end is near for Portsmouth. The rumour is that the accounts staff have been laid off. Without many assets other than the players, I think they will sink to league one for a year of so. Then they will bounce back to their natural position of lower/mid championship. This is not a slur, it just reflects their stadium/average attendance etc.

  5. Mark Murphy says:

    Yeah, but Peter, apart from that…

    Top-class article from someone who clearly has the intelligence and wit – nay, genius – to match what many people say are his stunning good looks, personality and charm.

    And, yes, it WAS actually me who wrote the piece, although I gladly admit that Gavin’s previous stuff on Portsmouth has been at least as good

    Mark Murphy

  6. admin says:

    Yeah, I spotted that earlier this evening. Sorry about that. I have to remember to change them, or they all get credited to Gavin as his is the first name alphabetically!

  7. Ray Deleney says:

    Owner is none of the above. Chanrai, Levi Kushin, Ron Mana and Daniel Azougy are in charge. Daniel is running the day to day together with Al-Faraj’s rep, a lawer by the name of Mark Jacobs. Anyone which is working or involved in the pompey, will tell you that Peter Storrie is not in charge and that he reports to Azougi. Who elsea has heard this?

  8. Martin says:

    Peter, what happened to 3)? :)

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