Watford’s Financial Gap – Finding A Way To Bridge It

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8 Responses

  1. Mikey says:

    Excellent article summarising all the key facts quite succinctly.

    I wanted to turn the page over and find out what happens in the end …

  2. Duncan says:

    What a brilliant article, I couldn’t agree more with the comments from Mikey.

  3. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    I’d have a bit more sympathy for them if their business plan over the years hadn’t seemingly been based on the principle that every time they hit financial difficulties, they could go begging to Elton John for a sub.

  4. Paul Freeman says:

    Very interesting article. As a Reading fan, I note that Watford would have been better selling Smith to us rather than Portsmouth, but we tried to get him for a lower fee.

    I’d be interested to hear your take on the situation at Reading, where the chairman has been clear that we have to “Cut our cloth”

    One the one hand, this has translated onto the pitch this season. On the other, I don’t think that Reading have tried to use their Premiership parachute payments as a trampoline and as a result will have a long term future.

  5. Micky F says:

    It looks very bad for the Hornets. As a Luton fan I’d like to see Watford lose every game 5-0 but I’d hate to see them go bust. We were very close to going under 2 years ago but luckily we had a consortium made up of true Luton fans come in and save us. Hopefully there are some rich Watford fans (other than Dame Elton) who will ride in and save the club.

  6. Rob Mackle says:

    Portsmouth are up to date with their payments to Watford. They may have their own financial problems but your article is factually incorrect. There is no money owing to Watford beyond that scheduled to be paid at later dates, as is the norm with modern player transfers. Portsmouth’s transfer embargo is not related to Watford players, it is Chelsea and Arsenal who are out of pocket.

    Best of luck to Watford sorting out their own financial mess, I hope it all ends for the best, no one likes to see all these clubs facing these problems whilst the tiny top percentage of football continues to live awash in money and sleaze.

    Bit of a world-in-miniature for the wider British economic situation and the ******* still living in excess whilst most fight to survive.

  7. Mark Murphy says:

    Tommy Smith, though not Williamson, was in all the lists I read on the subject, including some internal PL papers. So apologies if I didn’t see any corrections to that. And you are right in that repayment schedules have been agreed with everyone except Chelsea.

    A point I was clumsily trying to make is that their could be a domino effect if one club defaults on bills. Portsmouth to Watford seemed like a possible example of that, although I suspect Watford will be paid out of January TV money…if they’re still around.

  1. December 7, 2009

    […] Watford’s Financial Gap – Finding A Way To Bridge It The Bean Eater, Annibale Carracci, 1585 “It’s logical if you think about it. Try to use a parachute as a trampoline and you won’t get very high, and Watford Football Club appear to be the latest ex-Premier Leaguers to have discovered the dangers of life in the Football League Championship without either. Much of Watford’s year-long dalliance with administration, which has finally hit the national headlines, is a familiar tale of football-finance woe. An over-ambitious pantomime villain risks everyone’s money but his own on an unachievable dream and blames fans, press, and global financial crises when it all goes horribly wrong. Then he sods off before the discovery of buried bodies, leaving a successor to pick up the mess and either start the whole process again, after a short honeymoon period of renewed over-ambition, or desperately scrabble around in the hope of skin-of-the-teeth salvation.” (twohundredpercent) […]

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