Chester City Football Club: The Death Rattle (Part 5)


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16 Responses

  1. Wyre Forest Red says:

    Possibly, probably, too late in the day to save them… but good on Chester fans today. Hopefully the mainstream media might actually be moved to investigate a story for once rather than lazily accept the PR spouted by football clubs and their corrupt owners. If they do, I hope they stumble on this excellent site, all the posts that there have been about this sorry saga… and that the journos start to fight the fans’ corner just for once.

  2. afcbaggy says:

    Good on you, all Chester fans involved. Being a fan of a club (Wimbledon) itself ‘raped’ by owners AND the FA, you have my total support. Clubs are the supporters, NOT the owners, and the sooner that this is realised the better football will be. WE are AFC Wimbledon, never conquered by the FA. If Chester die, then it’s meant to be and the supporters will start again – the way it’s meant to be. Harsh, but true.

  3. FloppyBob says:

    A lot of people stood to lose a lot of money if Eastbourne failed to win this game. Very interesting that it was abandoned with Chester winning…

  4. Whitehead - Telford says:

    Will be a shame if this happens guys it happened to us in 2004 and I wouldnt wish it upon anyone! If you do go bankrupt I hope your fans like ours will collect enough money to start a new club just like we did and continue on playing great football!

  5. We were told,you can’t do this & can’t do that in wider intrest of football.
    We said “up yours” & we went a head and we were right.I was so down about my teams fate,theteam l grew up with had lost it’s heart & soul was dead.But l knew in 2002 the real dons were
    back,the one that never gave in and nothing was impossible.2009 is nearly gone and our fire
    burns brightly.This can be your destiny we are living our dream,you can live yours.So you have our100% support,go & make your dream happen.Good Luck.

  6. dorsetvic says:

    From a fan of another club just down the road in mid Cheshire brought to the brink of ruin by a patently criminal owner a year ago, I wish the fans the best of luck. Somebody need to stand up to these people. As has been said above – the fans are the club, stick at it.

  7. Joe, Ancoats says:

    Stand up for yourselves. Stand up against the Big Man. Stand up for what you know to be right.

    Forza Chester.

    The Revolution is starting.

  8. NWAS says:

    Floppy Bob, the protest was planned during the week before. Nothing to do with betting, more to do with our Club dying.

    Big week ahead, but the fire burns brighter than ever in our long suffering fanbase after yesterday.

  9. John says:

    I hope the authorities, who have done so little to help Chester, will realise why the protest has taken place and be understanding to the plight of Chester fans – although I doubt it. The FA and FL have been impotent so far and this protest will give them good reason to harshly punish the club. Shame on the FA, FL & Conference for their lack of support but who would have expected them to act any differently. They punish the small clubs and let the top teams get away with murder.

    All the best to Chester fans from a Wrexham supporter.

  10. Ralph says:

    As a Barrow supporter, I have a considerable axe to grind with Vaughan. This is what I’ve written in the latest edition of the Holker Street Newsletter, a Barrow AFC email Newsletter I’ve been doing for over 12 years. If you’d like to receive the Newsletter, drop me an email at and yes, it’s free

    It appears there were two pitch invasions during the Chester City v Eastbourne Borough game on Saturday, both were anti-Vaughan protests. During the first half, 20 people ran on to the pitch and according to the Chester Chronicle, “had been dealt with by stewards. Protesters ran on to the pitch with banners calling for the removal of Vaughan from the crisis-hit club, accompanied by ‘Vaughan out’ chants from the Vaughan Stand. Stewards escorted the supporters off the pitch, placing them back in the Vaughan Stand before play resumed.” Then in the 72nd minute it went off again, forcing the Cheshire Police to advise that the game should be abandoned.

    We will just have to wait and see what repercussions there will be for the supporters involved in the protest. I’m not going to criticise those that ran on the pitch because Vaughan is a cheating, scheming dishonest little reptile and anything anyone can do to get him out of the beautiful game is to be encouraged. Well, almost anything. But I believe running onto the pitch with a Vaughan Out banner is entirely appropriate in the circumstances. At least those who ran onto the field didn’t try to defraud the UK government out of GBP5000,000, did they?

  11. Rambling Roger says:

    At Exeter, we had Russell & Lewis in the Vaughan role, and they were both convicted of fraud (eventually.
    Take heart Chester fans, your darkest day may turn out to be the dawn of a new beginning (alright it’s a crappy cliche, but the sentiment is true)just look at Aldershot now back in the League following their reforming after a financial collapse and the rise of AFC Wimbledon, soon to reach L2. We were exceptionally lucky at Exeter and we will never forget that, but the opportunity to grow a new club based on proper ownership (fans based) and solid financial control is worth the wait to get back to your true level.

  12. Jay - Chester says:

    Vaughan has to go. I wish I was atthe match, i’d have joined in.

    Get rid of that dippy MD Bob Gray & Ian Anderson too. Both Vaughan’s puppets!

  13. Phil Chester says:

    Thanks for continuing the interest in our plight 200%, it’s very much appreciated.

    Today’s a make or break day for the current regime and CCFC but should the footballing authorities close us down then I believe that a new, stronger Chester FC will be born. If they decide that Vaughan has no influence over his son and allow this circus to continue then it will be a travesty and will just confirm what people say about the FA being spineless.

  14. NottyImp says:

    Good luck to the future AFC Chester.

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