Match Of The Week: Spurs 9-1 Wigan Athletic


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9 Responses

  1. cookiebun says:

    I enjoyed this performance.
    I also believe that Tottenham stuttered against Man U, Arsenal and Stoke due to the loss of three good players, one of who has yet to return to full fitness. I believe they will get even better when Modric returns and Harry adds a tough midfielder in January.

  2. Paul says:

    I agree with the above comments and it’s beyond doubt that they generally provide excellent entertainment, win, draw or lose. Saw my first match at the Lane in September 1957, a 5-3 defeat to Portsmouth, followed by a 3-3 draw against Newcastle at Christmas and rounded off by a 6-2 win against Villa the following March. It’s no wonder I’ve followed them ever since!

  3. Gervillian Swike says:

    In an interview after the match, the only person Dave Whelan blamed for Wigan’s poor performances this season was Steve Bruce, blaming Martinez “not one iota” and going on to say that Steve Bruce made a lot of “dodgy signings” that Martinez is now stuck with. Now that’s loyalty. Blind, stupid loyalty, self-preserving loyalty, loyalty that goes beyond all realms of credibility, but loyalty all the same. He’s a very good coach Martinez, and will recover from this result, although he must surely be wondering if he’s as good as he obviously thought he was, given the serious tunings that have come Wigan’s way this season. And Steve Bruce? Well, I’m sure he’ll welcome a chance to pit his wits against his dodgy signings in the next game.

  4. Michael Wood says:

    “(Spurs) will get even better when Modric returns and Harry adds a tough midfielder in January.”

    It is telling that Harry not only has Tom Huddlestone who fills that role perfectly but is – if rumours are to be believed – going to go buy another quality player to throw on the pile at White Hart Lane which – if I were a Spurs fan – I would find troubling.

    Harry has a track record of overspending clubs into trouble and the fact that he left Portsmouth in a huge mess after his much touted best ever season to join Spurs would be worrying for me. He used Fratton Park as a springboard to Spurs and didn’t care if the board broke behind him.

    Now of course Spurs fans would say that there is no where to spring from from White Hart Lane but consider this. If England go out of the World Cup first round and Fabio is moved on how enhanced is Harry’s CV by a top four finish? If the difference between that and fifth is a couple of players who Spurs can’t really afford will Harry make those signings or keep his chequebook in his pocket?

    The Portsmouth experience suggests he spends and damns the future.

  5. Paul says:

    “Harry has a track record of overspending clubs into trouble’

    No manager overspends on his own. The money is sanction by the Chairman and his board.
    I think you are misjudging Levy if you believe this will happen at Spurs.

  6. Michael Wood says:

    Perhaps I am misjudging Levy and perhaps I’m misjudging Harry but I’m not sure I can see the meeting at White Hart Lane where Handsome Harry comes out to tell the media that they have been having a chat and decided not to spend the money and that he is totally happy with that and if it comes down to Levy vs Redknapp over £20m and wages for a good but not great player who could catapult Spurs in the top five the chairman will need a lot of gumption to stand up to the manager who will have the fans on his side.

    As I say. Spurs fans be cautious and hope that all at the club do the same.

  7. Paul says:

    The point I was making Michael is that any manager will spend the money that is allocated to him for transfer fees so it’s important that the Chairman gives the manager a budget which clearly didn’t occur at Fratton Park in Harry’s rein otherwise they wouldn’t be in the financial pickle they are now.

    You obviously didn’t see the latest excellent profit figures for THFC Plc and this is after all their transfer dealings and purchasing large areas surrounding White Hart Lane in readiness for the construction of their near 60,000 capacity new stadium.

  8. Michael Wood says:

    Your points are good Paul and they are true in most cases (and hopefully this case) but I saw eight years of great profit figures at Valley Parade before the one that had a red £33m figure on it and so I am acutely aware of the fact that all figures are retroactive and show where a club has been, not where it is going.

    That said hopefully it is going only good places and that Daniel Levy will be able to set the budget for Harry Redknapp and that Redknapp will be happy to work within those budgets. The worry is that Levy will tell Harry there is £Xm in the bank 75% of which is there for players and that Harry will reply that he wants more of that. One hopes that Levy will be more canny than the people at Portsmouth who were not able to see anything other than short/medium term success and are having problems in the longer term.

    If Levy is able to stay strong in the face of – for example – a request from Harry in a month that he adds to a central midfield of Wilson Palacios, Luka Modrić, Niko Kranjčar, Jermaine Jenas and Tom Huddlestone and tell the manager that he does not need an extra player then Spurs would not follow the same path as Portsmouth.

  9. Penders says:

    I notice that Robbie Keane has not demanded a replay in light of paul Scharner’s handball before scoring Wigans goal ;-)

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