Celtic & Rangers Frozen Out Of The Premier League


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6 Responses

  1. mintox says:

    The idea that FIFA dislikes the idea of 4 british nations having separate associations is ridiculous.

    They are separate countries and exist under FIFA separately.

    The idea is a ridiculous as suggesting that all FIFA want’s all Scandinavian countries to have one association or that all the countries formed after the fall of the soviet union should merge back with Russia.

    I think you’ll find that the 4 British nations are entitled to an automatic seat on the FIFA Council (which probably doesn’t sit well with the other countries in FIFA).

  2. Rob Marrs says:

    Mintox you over simplify this but you are right. I’ve blogged about FIFA and the UK nations extensively before:


    Great piece, btw.


  3. Mintox.

    The Idea is not that ridiculous. Certain African Associations are already angry at the perceived “under-representation” of African Football at the highest level, the most powerful advocate for this change is Blatters partner in crime, Jack Warner. Prehaps if Mintox had seen some of the press surrounding the proposed UK football team at the 2012 Olympic’s he/she would realise the idea is not so ridiculous, but is real.

    Oh and by the way, Celtic fans have previous for singing terrorist songs.

    Great blog by the way.

  4. GIRUY old firm says:

    “A more equal distribution of television and sponsorship money might allow for more competition [in the SPL].”

    Absolutely. But Rangers and Celtic will never allow that to happen. Instead they’ll continue to bully the other clubs by demanding the bulk of the television money, and steal their best young players then put them on the bench (cf Riordan, Pearson, Murray, Zaluska, Whittaker). They treat the rest of the SPL with utter disdain and then have the cheek to complain that the league is not competitive enough.

    And I completely agree that allowing the Old Firm into the English Premier League would compromise Scotland’s sovereignty as a footballing nation. But since when did the Old Firm or their fans give a hoot about Scottish football or the national team?

  5. Celtic and Rangers should create a European super league with small sides from other European countries.

  1. November 14, 2009

    […] Celtic & Rangers Frozen Out Of The Premier League Scott McDonald “Phil Gartside‚Äôs plan to revolutionise the Premier League (any personal gain from which to him or his club Bolton Wanderers would, of course, be entirely coincidental) has failed, for now. The issue of relegation from Premier League Two can be stored away for another day (in December 2010, to be precise), and Bolton Wanderers can get on with the small matter of avoiding the relegation that Gartside is so scared of. It was not this aspect of his proposals, however, that attracted the most attention in the media. It was the proposal to invite Celtic and Rangers to join the league that invited the most comment from the fourth estate.” (twohundredpercent) […]

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