Match Of The Week: Northwich Victoria 1-0 Charlton


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10 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Apparently Northwich still haven’t paid AFC Telford their share of a FA Cup game from last season.

    Amongst all the usual media froth someone should mention this.

    Magic of the cup indeed…

  2. NottyImp says:

    They’d better pay us after the 2nd round. Sutton needs the cash in January! :)

  3. Damon says:

    re: Martin’s comment. Is that the cash from the ‘abandoned game’ where the game was started despite there being no chance of the floodlights actually working? We had a narrow squeak for that game, got up too late to make the journey and heard on Sports Report of its HT abandonment. Huge sigh of relief.

  4. mick says:

    Deserve it ? Fans yes, club no way

    They continually run up huge debts and don’t pay what they owe. It’s a deliberate act and is how they conduct themselves at Northwich.

    The previous owner was a tyrant, but their ‘saviour’ has little intention of settling his debts either. Even now their chairman is talking about paying off ‘some’ of the debt and saving the rest for a rainy day.
    How about cancelling the rainy day and paying up Mr Rushe ?

    Please speak with the Telford Chairman and ask him what he feels about waiting months for his money from the Cup… usual the FA did just ‘sweet’ that

  5. Martin says:

    Charlton was so poor that you have to wonder whether they are paying any cup bonuses this season and whether they were told that if they win the far-bigger prize of promotion they win through two such rounds at a stroke…

  6. Alan says:

    re first reply post … the club did indeed fail to pay the FA Cup money initially, but I think if you check your facts with AFCTU you will find that the money was eventually paid after the fans of NVFC raised money through sponsored activities and the the NV Supporters’ Trust contributed the balance. They were given a final deadline which would have meant exclusion from this season’s FA Cup and Trophy if they hadn’t paid it. It was paid in full.
    I do wish that people would get their facts up to date before posting for the world to see. Yes, NV are not a model club on the financial side, but if you knew the full extent of the damage done by Connett over his years in charge you might show the current incumbents a bit more sympathy.

  7. Martin says:

    Apologies Alan, but some Telford fans seem to think that still haven’t paid the money (or all of it).

    Fans always play the sympathy card over their club’s previous maladministration but where were they when such people took over and ran their clubs so badly?

    Enjoying the ride while it lasted, that’s where.

  8. Phil says:


    Telford paid in full as Alan suggests by Fan activity.

    Re fans approach to Connett – many protested, exposed Connetts past business dealings, boycotted any fund raising activity etc – three loyal fans were also banned from the ground for their efforts. In reality though, how many fans can influence when someone of his like are in charge of their clubs – I can only summise that it has never happened to your club.

    The vast majority of the cup run revenue will go to increase the CVA settlement because the HRMC will sit and wait. Which as a Vics fan I say is only right – much as I would love the revenue boost to the club, I would prefer to pay as much as possible to the CVA and rescue our ‘good’ name that has been besmirched in recent times.

  9. Martin says:

    Phil, I’m a Wimbledon fan so I’d know better than most!

    Unless fans legally own “their” club then this sort of *******s will just keep happening.

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