The Football League Fails The Fit & Proper Test

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13 Responses

  1. BrianL says:

    Before I start, the word you are looking for is ‘flout’ not ‘flaunt’.

    I wonder what your problem is. Should the question not be: why have a ‘fit & proper person’ test anyway?

    Even leaving that aside, why resent the good fortune that sees any club suddenly acquiring a backer that wants to get them promoted? That seems to me to be sour grapes. I haven’t seen such opprobrium heaped on Man City for example, while they’ve been spending their new found wealth. That’s because they’re already ‘a big club’ presumably? What difference does that make?

    I sympathise with Bournemouth fans, and with fans of other teams in similarly straitened circumstances, but I don’t see why Notts County fans should feel any measure of guilt.

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    “I haven’t seen such opprobrium heaped on Man City for example, while they’ve been spending their new found wealth.”

    Really? Wow. Well in that case, I suggest you start paying attention.

  3. Chris Taylor says:

    And that’s rather beside the point, BrianL. The point that you appear to have well and truly missed.

  4. Martin says:

    How does anyone know that Notts have a real backer actually putting real money in rather than the usual loans?

    Why does no-one care where such money comes from and whether it has criminal origins?

  5. Sp3ktor says:

    Well BrianL, if you don’t care where money comes from you can have no complaint when you don’t know where it ends up going to or the liabilities your club has incurred as a result.

    That aside, full disclosure is essential so that we don’t end up with people owning a controlling interest in more than one club.

  6. Mark Murphy says:

    “enough money to flaunt” – my mistake, one too many ‘thems’, I don’t think Notts have flouted any salary cap regulations, just side-stepped them. And I don’t have an issue with that per se. The issue is with the secrets and lies surrounding this tale.

    As I wrote, Trembling even claimed this week that Notts had “at all stages fully co-operated with the Football League” which the League’s own statement flatly contradicts.

    Munto have said from the start that they expect Notts to be self-sufficent as and when they climb the leagues. In which case, Notts fans will be providing them with the money to do so and should want to know to whom that money was going. Surely?

  7. Bored Statto with free time says:

    BrianL – and other older articles would maybe make you feel less persecuted.

    200% is like Fox News – Fair and Balanced ;)

    Ok, it’s the opposite of Fox News’s interpreation of that phrase.

  8. JohnFlan says:

    Yeah. it’s a terrible situation at Notts isn’t? Which football fan wouldn’t prefer what we had before, where Notts had no money, no prospects, and were run by a bunch of well-meaning, but clueless amateurs who were always falling out with each other.

    The point has been made before, but it’s worth re-iterating: It’s no-ones business who owns Notts. The people who need to know do know. Anything else is sanctimonius hand-wringing. The money given to Notts is just that. A gift. Loans to clubs from owners are now against Football League rules.

  9. ejh says:

    Loans to clubs from owners are now against Football League rules.


  10. NottyImp says:

    “The money given to Notts is just that. A gift.”

    Now that made me laugh. There’s no such thing as a free lunch…

  11. Mark Murphy says:


    You are right up to a point. But I simply do not accept that it is no-one’s business who owns Notts. As I wrote, once Munto’s investment ceases, and they have promised that it will, Notts fans will be stumping up the cash. And it is SURELY their business then, even we assume for the purposes of the debate that it isn’t now.

    And, of course, NottyImp, you don’t KNOW that the “money given to Notts” is a gift. I believe you should know. Why shouldn’t you?

  12. mick says:

    Think we should bear in mind the robustness of the County fans belief when they are going round the grounds doing bucket collections this time next year….

  13. Martin says:

    JohnFlan, how do you know it is a gift? Have you seen the documentation or the current accounts?

    Where is the money coming from? How do you know it is not money-laundering or the profits from illegal activity?

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