Chester City Football Club – The Death Rattle (Part One)


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13 Responses

  1. Simon Cope says:

    A sad, sad situation that should have been dealt with by the game’s authorities much earlier in the day. Unfortunately it looks likely that Chester City will succumb to the inevitable pressures at some point during the season, and that the fans – the only continuum – will have to pick up the pieces. To any Chester fans reading this, do not be too disheartened. Accepting the reality of the situation is probably the hardest part, but it is tempered by the soaring optimism that a new club owned and run by fans can bring. Imagine being finally in control of your own destiny, with no more empty promises from not-so-white knights to contend with!

    Chester City FC has a proud history and reputation; if the current owner(s) and board are not willing or able to uphold that tradition, then it is the duty of the fans to take on the collective responsibility.

  2. Jim Waterson says:

    “Barrow, of course, are the club that Vaughan almost sent to the wall in his previous attempt at running a club, during the late 1990s.”

    And the last time they met in an FA Cup match he owned both teams. So he sold Barrow to his mate for a quid just before the game and bought it back straight afterwards.

  3. Martin says:

    “face the threat of…”

    That should do it…….

    Why didn’t they end this nonsense back in August when they had the chance to make a clean break of it?

    They would have been criticised for that too of course.

  4. oh great one says:

    hope they go bust ,horrible club…nasty car scratching chavy fans..they deserve all they get.

  5. Did any Chester fans care when Wrexham were in trouble with Mark Gutterman/Alex Hamilton et al?? I doubt it…. Yes its terrible that a club can be operated in this way which strikes me that Vaughn has an alternate plan for the club…

    How much is the Land that the club sits on valued at these days…???

    Still, chin up all you Chester fan’s, (as your ground is in North Wales) If you do go under you can come and support the first proper club in Wales.

  6. Brian Dowsett says:

    I have supported Chester for 47 yrs and have to admit that this year we seem to be plumbing new depths.The best proprietor in my memory was Reg Rowlands but sadly we have not been blessed with any-one since that has come near him in being a very decent perfect gentleman with the club’s best interests at heart.Steven Vaughan has done his best but I feel we need someone now who has 2 things.A deep affection for the club and enough capital to justify owning the club. If the only way forward is for the supporters to own the club then so be it.

  7. Martin says:

    I’m sure as many Chester fans cared about Wrexham’s problems as Wrexham fans now care about Chester’s.

    It’s a bit bizarre to blame anything on football fans when it’s blindingly obvious who is to blame for everything in this case.

  8. Ralph says:

    The footballing Gods were smiling tonight as Barrow beat Chester 4-0 in the Replay.

  9. waheed says:

    please am adeniyi waheed playing for gateway club in nigeria division one please i need a club in europe.

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