The 200% World Cup: The Final Word – Fun, Wasn’t it?

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2 Responses

  1. I don’t agree with giving Holland that much credit. They were very fortunate to beat a quality looking Mexican team in the second round – and were then taking all the way to penalties against Costa Rica which could of gone either way. The same goes for their match against an awful Argentina side. Germany were the only consistent quality team in this tournament.

  2. Adelaide Clive says:

    Thanks Mark for a superb summary of an excellent World Cup. The over 40’s jibes – yes I got them all !! I did especially like Don Givens, Martin Demichelis, Alex Song comments & for me Javier Mascherano was outstanding.
    Martin Tyler did sole commentary for 18 matches for S B S here in Australia (it was so good to hear his voice again).

    “Only Australia came away with any reputational benefit ” I also endorse. I did not expect us to score a goal at all but Tim Cahill did us proud & we were not humiliated as I thought we might be. Australia now drops 14 places to 76th (England down 10 to 20th).

    Keep up the good work & I look forward to some “K’s” comments in due time.

    Clive Tarrant

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