The 200% World Cup: Tales Of An ABE

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3 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    I used to be quite giving as an international football supporter, but as I’ve got older I’ve come to understand just how much everybody hates England. And here’s the thing, Mark. It’s pretty horrible to have to sit through international tournaments when THE ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD is saying the sort of things that are said and, for whatever reason, presumed acceptable. It’s wearing, and when you’ve heard enough of it, it’s a little insulting. I’m English, and there’s nothing I can about it. Sorry.

    So I posted this up because I felt it was right to, but I would never draw the sort of inferences about a foreign country that are drawn tens of thousands of times on a daily basis about mine. It’s the biggest single reason why I’m probably out of tournament football after this summer. I can do without the vituperation in my life. So, there it is. It ground me down, and wore me out. Frankly, it’s probably the biggest single reason why, when I give up on club football – which is just about beyond redemption in every single respect – I’ll probably give up international football too. Still, at least with one more of the likes of me taken out of the pool, you’ll be left with a slightly purer version of your own assumptions.

  2. MoeTheBarman says:

    To be an ABE based on England past is wanky and an insult to the majority of English people like me who have never dońe anything wrong.

  3. Mark says:

    Its not just based on the past. Read the article.

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