1. Paul said:

    I have read Ian Ridley’s book and it is a cracking read and feel for him with his reason health problems and a continued thankless desire to help his home town club. It’s looks as if the game may be up for Weymuff and Curtis’s canny move in purchasing a perimeter ransom strip around the Wessex Stadium will seal their fate in any plans to raise capital from a ground redevelopment. The club’s planned legal proceedings against Curtis could be the final nail in the coffin and it’s difficult to see how they could fund what will be expensive legal costs.

    October 16, 2009
  2. Mike said:

    It starts with an inaccuracy “saw him eventually removed by a coup d’etat.”. (Actually he-IR- resigned over the dismissal of Mick Jenkins feeling that his control of “footballing matters” had been undermined ). It continues, just like his book with an extremely one sided (although hugely entertaining) view of events and fails to highlight how his local and national press and TV campaign against Martyn Harrison (bankrupt in 2 weeks, two months etc) aided the club’s demise and directly resulted in the general lack of support from the fans for MH. MH came in because IR had desperately appealed for financial assistance because “Living The dream” had run the club into debt and an urgent cash injection was needed. Unfortunately the injection was so large that Ian could never come to terms with the fact that he would no longer be “choosing the wallpaper” for the WFC “house”. Also omitted is that MH offered the club to him free of debt but at the last minute (literally)HE chose to withdraw and to recommend (to a by-now very ill) MH to accept the Bush offer

    October 20, 2009
    • admin said:

      I rather think, Mike, that you are missing the point of the article. Finer details of what happened at the time that Harrison replaced Ridley notwithstanding, Weymouth’s biggest problem over the last three years has been the passing of the club to a succession of local businessmen that have successively mismanaged the club. And that certainly includes Harrison.

      October 20, 2009
  3. Martin said:

    This is how non-league football is and probably always has been.

    It is all incredibly predictable too.

    October 22, 2009
  4. David Howell said:

    I’ve got a knack of moving to places with financially ruined clubs – I was bought up in Weymouth, moved to Southampton for university in 2006, and moved near Southend a few weeks ago. Mind you, it’s difficult not to move into areas with financially suicidal clubs nearby these days.

    I’ve lost track of this story, but I do know that there’s a long-running sub-plot involving the Wessex Stadium site; when they first moved there, their harbourside former ground became an Asda. Said Asda is the only supermarket in Weymouth apart from a Morrisons and Somerfield in the north of the town, serves maybe two-thirds of Weymouth and all of Portland and Chickerell, and is thus extremely busy even on a weekday morning. There is definitely potential local demand for a larger supermarket, and there’s been mutterings about a larger Asda being built either on or next to the Wessex Stadium site. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is relevant to Curtis buying the neighbouring land – with a view to selling to Asda later on.

    (There’s an added complexity in that the stadium is on the boundary between local councils (West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland), and the former have been rather less keen on development…)

    November 1, 2009

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