World Cup Warm-ups: Nigeria v Scotland

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2 Responses

  1. Asat says:

    Fairly Good Read. The Scottish undertone is evidently not hideous. however, I’ll like to point out, as u did in just a line, That’s Scotland played a reserved Side And if They were good, should have won comfortably. A-side Echijiele, the other 10 starters in the game are bench materials while the subs That came in fall in the Same category. Ambrose only came in in the last quarter because of the injury to Odunlami, Who was playing totally out of position.
    I see No reason Why Scotland should be making hururu noise as if They played a full strength side.
    Besides, the last Time Nigeria met Scotland, the super eagles won.
    Try to watch the real super eagles in action on June 2 against Greece. After That, name your judgement.

    PS. do You even know That Ikechi Anya is of Nigeria decent?

  2. MoeTheBarman says:

    He did throw it in the net. It was hilarious! No way was he fixing the match though; no one could be that stupid, surely….

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