Rangers: Split Personalities

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5 Responses

  1. Mikey says:

    ‘Where Is The Deeds?: Sevco epitaph. Statue of a winged Bomber Brown on the headstone.

  2. greg thomson says:

    Yet more anti Rangers bile from yet another nonentity. Why don’t you go home kid?

  3. Larry says:

    Idiots not to buy their season tickets. King wants ibrox on the cheap and he’ll get it if they don’t buy. Then they’ll know what the judge in SA meant when he said,” A shameless and glib liar”.

  4. As a previous owner of 3 bond seats my opinion of all the management in recent times is motivated by obtaining easy money at the expense of what once was a great institution with honest fans.None of the board have any interest in the club other than a quick return on their investment It is a sad day for Scottish football and Rangers to read what is going on at the club coupled with what we are not told.
    To conclude as a boy taken to games lifted over the turn style by my family it is a very sad day for me now, aged 76 years.

  5. Lisa Collington says:

    I can correct the writer of this piece of fiction on his first non point. He can rest assured that after Rangers were granted transfer of original membership by the SFA (while still in administration)the same old club continued and Green’s group were announced as the new OWNERS of Rangers Football Club. It’s not hard to find out btw just type SFA Rangers membership transferred into Google. Not difficult. And no new membership category was created solely for Rangers. It’s also not to hard to type SPFL Rangers also into Google,and you will see that the above is confirmed on the SPFL website where Scotland’s most successful club is correctly listed as founded in 1872 together with 117 major honours. And if the writer delved a wee bit deeper,again not difficult,he would have discovered the European Club Association followed suit by granting the Gers associate membership due to the club being founding members in 2008,the Advertising Standards Authority rubber stamped Rangers “most successful club” advert after consulting both UEFA and the SFA,and even the Wee Red Book has Rangers listed as the same old club. So the writer can put his mind at rest,there is only one club not two,and that club continues to play it’s football at Ibrox as it has for over a hundred years. (I think he’s confusing the old holding company for the club,a mistake most people with a jealousy of all things Rangers Football Club make)..go on,log onto SPFL Rangers…and give yourself a surprise.
    ps.Many clubs have went through the process of having their holding companies wound up,Middlesbrough,Leeds etc etc..it may shock you to learn that they to are regarded by the governing bodies as the same club after having their memberships transferred,and Rangers have been treated no differently. Why should they?

    117 and counting.
    SPFL/Rangers :)

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