Richard Scudamore vs Dave Boyle: Compare & Contrast

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7 Responses

  1. Nathan says:

    Scudamore is an arse but private emails aren’t public like Twitter.

  2. Chestnut says:

    Private emails? Now there’s an interesting concept

  3. SJMaskell says:

    Emails may be private, attitudes are not. They impinge on our everyday behaviour, our choices and our decisions.

    Scudamore’s email displays an attitude of mind that is demeans approximately 50% of the human race, It is tiresome (particularly for those of us brought up in the sixties who are weary of the battle), it is childish and it is antidiluvian.

    It is an attitude that clearly contravenes the Premier League’s own codes of behaviour. It smacks of the ‘old boys’ club’ network that runs the elite male sports clubs in the UK.

    Most concerning is the attitude that it is OK to demean and dismiss any other human being. But then – as football fans we should be used to that. The Football Authorities have been doing it to all fans regardless of gender, race and sexual orientation, certainly since the inception of the Premier League and the advent of the TV millions.

    Just look at the idea of B teams, the creation of MK ‘Dons’, Ticket Pricing and the general ‘policing’ and management of fans at games, for example.

    Think on. If Scudamore can carelessly talk like that about women – who else does he scorn in the same dismissive way?

  4. jb901 says:

    The point that seems to be missed is that this only occurred over a period of a few weeks while a temp was employed. are we expected to think that nothing like this or even worse never occurred over the rest of his time in the job.
    I’m not a statistition but i’d bet a large sum of money that this was the tip of the iceberg.

  5. rudy says:

    niced blog

  6. MoeTheBarman says:

    Dave shouldn’t have been forced to resign as he was right in everything he said. Is there is a difference between very public comments and private emails? I’m not sure there is. I am sure that casual sexism is not seen as a big an offence as causual racism. Consider the position had Scudamore been writing about Asians instead of women; would he still be i a job? I doubt it.

    Anyway, as Dave himself has tweeted, with a lińk to Marina Hyde’s article on the matter, it’s Scudamore’s hypocrisy that rankles the most.

  7. RobC says:

    I seem to remember reading that Scudamore’s emails weren’t strictly speaking private as he had shared them with his PA to facilitate diary management, thus crossing a slightly ill-defined line into ‘semi work-related’.

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