Friday Night Fever – A League of Ireland Experience

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  1. Redgav says:

    Very harsh article.You made a trip to a single game and have based a belief on that one game !! There is ample football played in the LOI ,some very good passing teams out there.My own Cork city ,who are averaging 5k per gate,are a superb footballing team and Dundalk have been putting teams to the sword all season long.Also Athlone are pretty new to the Premier,and their squad shows that,other clubs bring large away supports which brings a much more partizan feel to the games…your cousin’s husband John sounds very much like the 1000’s of other Sky sport subscribers us seasoned supporters encounter every day ,that deem the league unworthy because the one game they chose to attend didn’t live up to a super sunday fest.I’m glad you havn’t ruled out going to future games,hopefully next time you might get a chance to witness a bigger game

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