Pushed Down The Pyramid: Why Premier League B Teams Can “B” Off

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2 Responses

  1. Chalfers says:

    A topic which I think myself and all other Wimbledon fans can find 100% common ground with Kingstonian fans on … please see http://llocally.com/thedonstrust/2014/05/09/dtb-statement/ for the Dons Trust response that goes as close to “**** off. Seriously, just **** off!!” as an official press release can.

    Taking the point you quote from Owen Gibson, I’m inclined to think he has used this as a cover to try and get the strategic loans concept through as a lesser of two evils. Creating feeder clubs in all but name has just as many flaws as the B team idea so we must make sure that is consigned to the dustbin of history just as effectively.

  2. Dan says:

    Well yes, I agree with McIntosh and just about everyone else.

    Telling, for me, was the interview that ‘commissioner’ Danny Mills (Danny Mills! WTF?) gave to 5 Live. He said, in defence of the proposals:

    “We talked to the clubs”

    By which he means they talked to Premier League clubs, because they certainly didn’t talk to any at the sharp end of the proposal, and have allowed themselves to do their bidding.

    What it reveals is the underlying assumption in their report, which is that the structure of the top-end of English football – the dominance of the Premier League and its money – cannot be be challenged, even though the commission itself recognised that it was a contributing factor to the decline in playing time for young English players. What a depressing, but predictable, assumption to make.

    The people on the commission have also made the schoolboy error of assuming correlation = causation. I am not sure how they made this slip, with the brains of Mills on the panel, but still.

    So Spain has B teams, Spain have won internation tournaments, therefore the presence of B teams must cause international success.

    Had you run this analysis in, say, 2006 you might have found this: Spain has B teams, Spain are notoriously crap at international football and bottle it every time despite having technically gifted players, therefore the presence of B teams provides inadequate preparation for the best young Spanish players and should be scrapped.

    My conclusion, based on the available evidence? Danny Mills is an idiot.

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